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Should Remote Trading in Pokémon GO?

Trade Pokémon GO
Trade Pokémon GO

Hello coaches! In the recent APK drops, there was a very small mention of the “trading ball” and this got me thinking about trading (surprisingly).

There is absolutely no hint from Niantic or anywhere else that remote trading is under review or in development, though, same sign, the remote raid may never have been. formed at this time a year ago but we are here. It exists, it’s popular, it̵

7;s lucrative, and it’s here to stay.

So is remote trading a much-needed improvement in quality of life, especially now in times of social distance and shielding?

(Please note that the “trading ball” in question might actually have nothing to do with the transaction or just a random line of code, this whole article is purely hypothetical)

PokeMiners’ In-Depth APK Teardown of 0.189.0 from TheSilphRoad

What are the current restrictions surrounding trading?

  • You must stay close together (within 100 meters)
  • You can only trade one Pokémon once, and the IV will be different from the receiver
  • One special deal every day – Anything shiny, legendary or new for the Pokédex is a special deal
  • Pokémon will be downgraded if the traded Pokémon is at a level higher than the recipient received
  • Complete ban on the sale and purchase of Legendary and Dark Pokémon
  • Not such a limitation but there is also a fixed cost involved, as below


What additional protections can Niantic impose on remote transactions to make it fair and sustainable?

• Only limit remote trading to those you are lucky or best at. Oh, yes! I have a lot of lucky friends and just for the convenience of being able to do these from anywhere would be a blessing. Remember, to be lucky friends you must first be best friends, it’s 90 days of interaction, then you rely on, good luck, good luck, so it’s not correct. is something that can be done at will, it requires dedication.

• Limit species that can be purchased from afar. Whether or not you agree with them, Regional Pokémon persists. I can understand Niantic wants to keep an exclusive atmosphere around certain species, so I’m happy that this condition is maintained if it means remote trading will be included.

• Remote transaction cooldown. Could this be something you are only allowed to do once per day or per week? While it still takes some time every week to settle some backlog, it will be a start!

• Introduce a special item such as the aforementioned “transaction ball” for remote trading. Special items aren’t new to Pokémon GO to allow for certain actions (think Mystery boxes and evolutionary items) but consider how you can get your hands on one. or whether it can only be purchased with Pokecoins. That might not disappoint every coach but it’s a concern about bringing in an extra premium item.

Any of the above combinations are possible solutions. The protections originally introduced with the trade were in place to try to counter the illegal trade in rare and high-priced Pokémon IVs and I wouldn’t want to interfere with these fundamentals, except for distance. If it’s good enough for raids, why not trade it?

What is the worst that can happen if remote trading is introduced?

The core of Pokémon GO has always been going out, meeting people, exploring your environment, building and having a positive impact on your local community, and finding that elusive Pokémon yourself.

It’s a great feeling to find something new or critically acclaimed for yourself, and trading is a great choice and by itself a core value, almost every major series has Pokémon. exclusive and previously the transaction card. Putting away the need to go out may contradict this mission statement but is it essential right now?

The year 2020 has seen limits on the mobility of people they can meet and, sadly, in some cases if they can get out. This feels like a change that will be extremely positive for players with little or no impact on Niantic and I would welcome it even with all the restrictions I mentioned above.

What do you think the “trading ball” could be? Do you agree with remote transaction or are you satisfied with the current system?

If trading is completely new to you and you want any of these restrictions or mechanisms explained in more detail, check out this article from 2018 when trading was first introduced –

Pokemon GO Trading: Costs, Mechanics and Special Trade Rules

Be safe out there, coaches!

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