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Rex Chapman could see the Warriors trade the # 2 option in NBA Draft 2020

While the Minnesota Timberwolves hold the No. 1 spot overall in the NBA Draft 2020, the Warriors are the most interesting team to take part in next month’s event.

Warriors have a 2nd draft option and they can go in many different directions with options.

At this point, every option has been dissected in a million ways. They can keep their choice and use it for one of the top leads, including Anthony Edwards, James Wiseman or Deni Avdija, just to name a few.

Or general manager Bob Myers could trade option 2, on his own or with other assets, for a well-established NBA veteran in line with the now winning mentality.

Warriors have to do with the second pick? NBC Sports Bay Area̵

7;s Grant Liffmann posed that question to former NBA player Rex Chapman in the latest episode of “Runnin ‘Plays Podcast.”

“It was difficult,” said Chapman. “And I’m sure that’s what they’re fighting for. What those guys did, Steve [Kerr], Bob [Myers]They are very attentive, and I think they are playing chess. It is beautiful.

“When they traded for Andrew Wiggins last year, I think it was great. He’s a perfect young player to grow with Steph. [Curry] and Klay [Thompson], like a young man, if he takes a step forward. “

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If it was up to Chapman, he wouldn’t see the Warriors continue to choose.

“I’m not sure there’s someone on this year’s draft that you could put on that team and make a big difference,” said Chapman. “So I’m almost looking for them to try to pack it in some way. Or do picking and trading later this season.

“But they’re in a weird position. But it’s a good position. Heck, they won the title a couple of years ago and have pick number 2. Come on.”

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Whatever Myers and Warriors do with draft options, it’s important that they make the right decision to keep their chances of an NBA championship open.

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