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Republicans hastily condemned Kamala Harris, but their message spread widely

Kamala Harris is a pawn of Wall Street.

Kamala Harris is weak in crime.

Kamala Harris is an overly aggressive prosecutor.

Kamala Harris’ went left in the mutiny.

Kamala Harris is a puppet on the left.

In the 24 hours since Harris was announced as Democratic Joe Biden’s alleged Democratic presidential candidate, Republicans launched several conflicting attacks on the Biden ticket- Harris is newly formed.
Pulling out from a bag of unclear accusations, President Donald Trump’s election campaign and other top GOP officials and prominent social media conservatives, like Donald Trump Jr., pushed conflicting caricatures of Biden, Harris and the Democrats̵
7; progressive wing, adding to the looks Republicans remain uncertain about what kind of message will stick with voters ahead of the general election. November.
The consistent theme is the most familiar: Biden, and now Harris, is the front for socialists and anarchist radicals at the Democratic Party. It has been a tough sale so far, with a 40-year record for Biden’s liberal centrality, but Trump has been pushing it consistently over the past few months. In a fundraising email on Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence welcomed Harris into the race with a similar warning.
Trump reverted to prejudices when the campaign failed in response to Harris' choice

“From the very first day of this Administration, President Trump has put our Country on a path to freedom and opportunity,” the email wrote. “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will lead America on the path of SOCIETY AND DISCIPLINE.”

On Tuesday night, Republican reports clashed on the Twitter timeline of Trump aides and allies, like GOP’s quick response director Steve Guest, who posted a link to a collection of grumbles from a group of leftist experts and reporters who once criticized Biden’s choice of Harris.

Subject line: “Liberals rebellion against Biden, ticket Harris.”

Harris is not a Democrat left-wing fan, but hinting that “liberals” who are launching a revolt against her choice have been dismissed by the claims. widely in favor – from Sens. Bernie Sanders in Vermont and Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts, among others – about Biden’s picking.

Meanwhile, at another wavelength, Trump Jr and others are nurturing another theory of the outcome of the Biden-Harris alliance: that the leftist radicals successfully completed their coup. and take control of the Democratic Party.

“The extreme left has officially captured Joe Biden!” Trump Jr. tweeted, citing a post by Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh, who linked with an analysis by GovTrack ranking Harris, in his words, as “the most free member of the US Senate. year 2019, “before Sanders.

Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna McDaniel made a similar stance, citing a Fox News report by David Bossie, Trump’s deputy campaign chief in 2016, accusing Biden and Harris is “radical socialists and anarchists”.

“Make no mistake about that, if elected, this fragile Democratic duo will support and support radical socialists and anarchists,” wrote Bossie. “Americans must reject Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their perilous ideology.”

But Trump’s campaign, once again, spurred a mixed and contradictory criticism of the Democratic candidates. This time, deputy communications director Matt Wolking, who retweeted Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley’s post, linked to a CNBC report highlighting the financial directors’ positive response to the selection. Biden’s pick.

“Of course Wall Street is delighted with Biden / Harris,” Hawley tweeted. “Back to the soothing #China, uncontrolled globalism and ruthless trade policies that have shifted billions from workers to Wall Street. That’s Biden’s agenda.”

The unusual message also appeared in Trump’s awkward election call to reporters on Tuesday night, including Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and senior campaign advisor Katrina Pierson.

Speaking first, Blackburn, consistent with the campaign’s earlier proposals, called Harris “the most free left-wing candidate for vice president our country has ever seen.” She went on to argue that “mothers of security” would sternly consider Harris’s support of the Black Lives Matter movement and rate her as unreliable in matters of “law and order”. .

“And they’re going to see her profile as a DA in San Francisco,” Blackburn continued, “and said,” You know, security in our community is so important and I don’t want anyone to say that. They won’t be tough on tough criminals. ”

But when Pierson started working on her case, she pushed the other direction, showing that Harris did indeed, during his time as a prosecutor, go too far and was too harsh in his treatment of suspects and convictions.

Pierson said: “Her record as the California attorney general has also been very bad. She has fought to keep prisoners locked up in overcrowded prisons so they can be used. She supports the law that forces parents to go to prison for truancy and prosecutes mentally ill people, “Pierson said. “So, as an African American woman, we welcome Kamala Harris to the race.”

Pressed to understand the criticism, Pierson insisted that she and Blackburn were on the same page, telling reporters they were “discussing the matter”.

“She’s a fake,” Pierson said of Harris, echoing a line earlier on the call. “She went after the wrong person. When you’re not chasing gang members, but you’re after citizenship, for example Blacks and marijuana, which she herself admits to doing, that’s true. is the double standard she’s trying to keep and move forward. “

The exchange underscores tension between two central tactics in the Trump campaign’s attempt to lessen Biden’s support. Proposal that Biden and Harris are tools of a socialist group meant to regain moderate voters, who, according to most polls, are leaning toward Democrats. But Trump and the Republicans are also trying to undermine support and enthusiasm for Biden and Harris among colored voters by pointing to their profiles on criminal justice matters.

Harris’s record on that charge was sued in great detail during the Democratic primary election, when rival candidates and activists questioned her certification of progress, alleging The former prosecutor was too willing to accept the “tough on crime” policies of the 1990s and early 2000s. The reality is complex. Harris drew attention earlier in his career for not seeking the death penalty on a suspect accused of killing a police officer, but later, appealing against a federal court decision calling the real deal. California’s death penalty is unconstitutional.

During the campaign, she came up with a criminal justice reform plan that would ban the death penalty, end the use of bail money and as part of a broader inter-party effort, the way to repel the mass detention crisis has its roots in it. in Biden’s 1994 crime bill, which received bipartisan support at the time but is now criticized by Democrats and many Republicans as too punishing.

Conflicting attacks against Biden and Harris caught the eye of some Democrats, like Hawaii’s Sen. Brian Schatz, who hinted on Tuesday night that discord was a symbol of a party and campaign loosely ended on how to deal with the Democrat ticket.

“They had all the time to think and prepare and they really still didn’t know what to do with Kamala,” Schatz tweeted. “History selection. Smart choice. Interesting. This is great.”

CNN’s DJ Judd contributed to this story.

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