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Republicans call her videos ‘horrible’ and ‘disgusting.’ But they are doing very little to stop her.

POLITICO reported in June that Greene posted several hours of video on Facebook that made a series of racist, anti-Muslim, and anti-Semitic comments – including an assertion that Blacks “suffered from enslaved by the Democratic Party ”and George Soros, a democratic Megadonor Jew, was a Nazi.

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy said in June – through his spokesman, Drew Florio – that he found those remarks “horrible” and that he “had no tolerance for them.” But Florio said last week that McCarthy remained neutral and let the main process unfold – a stance that may not signal an emergency to outside donors or groups.

Rep. Buddy Carter (R-Ga.), Who is actively supporting Cowan, said: “This is the kind of race and the kind of situation you need those groups. “So they usually only join when they have someone they̵

7;re trying to join. But I think it’s also important for them to join when there’s someone they’re trying to get out of.”

The lack of interference from National Republicans – despite their public criticism of Greene – has frustrated and confused GOP lawmakers, strategists and sponsors, those worried Greene’s victory would be a black eye for the party at a time when they were still grappling with national computation of racial inequality.

And it will reduce the impact of the party’s successful attempts in June to topple GOP Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), a member with a long history of racist remarks. If Greene, a prominent QAnon conspiracy theorist and businesswoman, wins the party’s nomination in the deeply conservative district in northwest Georgia, she is almost guaranteed to win a seat in House of Commons.

“I participated a lot in the John Cowan race. I pushed the House leaders to join but with no success, ”added a GOP legislator, who was anonymous to discuss sensitive internal issues.

The reluctance of McCarthy – who could face a leadership challenge if Trump resigns in November – joins the election that underscores the tough leadership position at: Even though it wants to separate the party from officials The deeply controversial point Greene upholds, it also does not want to alienate hard-line conservative voters who are key members of Trump’s base entering the election.

And it’s not just Greene’s race that terrified the House GOP agents. Main flow field for neighboring Doug Collins’ (R-Ga.) The open seats included State Rep. Matt Gurtler, who was fired after taking a photo with a white man with a white upper relationship. But that race, which also took place on Tuesday, saw the overseas rush of various PACs.

The GOP leadership and the party’s campaign branch usually play no role in the primary elections, and it can be very risky to hit a Republican friend and miss: GOP Conference Chairman Liz Cheney in Wyoming recently burnt from several House Freedom Conference members and other Trump allies for backing main rival Senator Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), among other comments that made the most Loyal soldiers of President Trump indignantly. Cheney – who has been one of the strongest Republicans in calling for King to resign – later withdrew her approval of Massie’s main rival after previous racist tweets candidate’s emerge.

When it comes to the match between Greene and Cowan, GOP’s lawmakers and strategists believe outside help can easily be above the scale. While Greene won the first round of the pre-qualification in June by a wide, 19-point gap, the race tightened in the following weeks: A survey of Cowan’s internal campaign from the end of the month 7 has discovered a bound race between him and Greene.

Plus, Cowan made about $ 50,000 more than Greene on TV, according to a source that tracks her spending on media, and is almost 4 to 1 more than her in July, a sign of a The campaign is performing well.

In an interview, Cowan shaped the results of the escape on dire terms, warning that Greene’s victory would endanger Republican candidates, who would have to answer for Her comments went up and down the ballot in Georgia, from the House of Representatives battlefield in suburban Atlanta to the two Senate contests to the November vote.

“I want to win this race,” he said. “But more than that I want to protect the Republican Party. She is the antithesis of the Republican Party. And she’s not conservative – she’s crazy. “

And he warns Democrats can use her comments to boost fundraising for their candidates. “She deserves a YouTube channel, not a seat in Congress. She’s a circus performer, ”said Cowan.

Greene’s campaign did not respond to a request to interview a candidate for this story. Throughout the campaign, she viewed Cowan as someone who did not fully support Trump because he made a donation to the former Governor of New Jersey. Chris Christie in the 2016 presidential race. She also accused him of misrepresenting his role as a deputy in the Floyd County sheriff’s office.

Despite a series of racist videos on Facebook exposed by POLITICO, Greene still receives some high support in Washington: She is supported by the Freedom Fund of the House of Representatives, the political arm of Freedom Caucus; Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, Trump’s top ally; and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and his wife, Debbie. When the incumbent of the Georgia seat, Rep. Tom Graves, announced her retirement, Freedom Caucus encouraged Greene to give up her run in the competitive District 6, where former GOP Representative Karen Handel was bidding returning and running for the open seat, according to sources familiar with the matter, is more conservative.

Greene said in a recent interview with a local news station that she and McCarthy had talked “several times” since the story of POLITICO was published, and they had a “great relationship”. . She also claimed that the McCarthy conviction – released by an employee – was merely “false information.”

A McCarthy spokesperson confirmed that he has “been on the phone several times with Greene and Cowan in recent weeks” and has “a good and productive relationship with both,” but did not comment on the veracity in Greene’s statement.

Cowan describes his communication with McCarthy as a “good conversation,” according to Carter. “Now, what happened then, I don’t know,” added Carter.

But if Cowan expected cavalry, it never did.

In the absence of national interference, dozens of members worked to promote Cowan through public endorsement, making calls on his behalf or participating in Zoom campaign events. his. That group includes Scalise, Carter and representatives Drew Ferguson (R-Ga.), Austin Scott (R-Ga.), Rick Allen (R-Ga.), Greg Murphy (RN.C.), Neal Dunn (R-Fla.), Phil Roe (R-Tenn.), James Comer (R-Ky.), Larry Bucshon (R-Ind.), And Mark Walker (RN. C.).

“John Cowan is a great candidate,” said Carter, but “we are also very interested in the other candidate. … And sure, I don’t want someone to post such comments in my conference ”.

Scalise, who immediately endorsed Cowan after Greene’s previous comments – which he called “disgusting” – came to light, appeared at a virtual fundraiser for Cowan in late July. But there is no help in the form of major outside spending.

Walker, a former pastor who will retire this year after court-ordered redistribution turned his chair into safe Democratic territory, unsuccessfully lobbied the Conservative Club for growth join, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The club considered playing in the race and polls, but ultimately declined to confirm Cowan or spend. (Still, it’s a massive investment in the mainstream in Georgia’s 9th District for Gurtler.)

A new super PAC, known as A Great America PAC, was formed in June and the agents behind the group cut off a TV commercial called Greene as a threat to Trump’s reelection. The team reportedly spent $ 30,000 on media production – but only put around $ 17,000 on cable purchases, according to media buying sources.

Republicans in DC and Georgia argue that a lack of spending leads to a worsening political situation Environment. Donors are too distracted by the unstable number of Trump polls and a precarious Senate majority to pay attention to the preliminary flow of congress for a bold red seat – especially because it appears to as increasing it was unlikely that the Republicans would regain the majority, and McCarthy did not publicly signal that Greene should stop.

Some Republicans in the House of Representatives were furious at the Freedom caucus for pushing Greene to run in the first place and thought the group should have rescinded its approval. Only Representative Jody Hice (R-Ga.) Openly gave his endorsement; Jordan said in a brief statement that he disagrees with her comment.

If Greene wins, she could create a constant stream of headaches – and controversies – for House GOP. The Republican leaders had to strip King of his committee duties and formally reprimand him in the House of Representatives after he defended white supremacy and white nationalism in an interview with The New York Times last year.

Democrats poised to win Greene and deliver her controversial statements in front of Republican candidates across the country – particularly Handel and Rich McCormick, who are running for at an open battlefield on the outskirts of Atlanta. McCormick’s wife made a donation to Greene while she was still running in District 6 against Rep. Lucy McBath (D-Ga.).

“Marjorie Taylor Greene is an extremist, far-right voice supported by Georgian Republicans Karen Handel and Rich McCormick and her views have no place in Congress,” said a spokesman for the Advocacy Committee. Democratic Congressional Avery Jaffe said in a statement. “Georgia Republicans, and Republican candidates running across the country, will have to respond to her hateful views in their own campaigns.”

And Greene has signaled that she’s not interested in playing nice with her prospective colleagues, doubling down on some of her most controversial remarks and lashing out at Scalise and Cheney during the interview. recently with a local news station.

“Steve Scalise, I was surprised, especially because he’s been called a racist and so on in the past,” said Greene, a clear reference to the Party’s 2002 speech. Louisiana Republic before a white extremist group. “Liz Cheney, I have never met or talked to her. I think it’s unfortunate that they’ve been pressured, maybe pressured to speak, maybe by people in the media making statements about me and they just don’t know me yet. ”

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