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One of the big questions posed at the PlayStation 5 that has remained unanswered a week or so before launch is whether it will support 1440p output. This resolution is often used by monitors, especially those that refresh at 120Hz, and there was hope that Sony’s next-generation console would support them.

Unfortunately, an IGN Italy report suggests that is not going to happen. A translation of the publication’s article states that the editors of the site have known “directly from Sony” that the system will not support the required feature. This is perhaps not surprising, after the PS4 Pro also ditched the 1440p display, offering an upgraded 1080p picture instead.

The news will certainly disappoint those planning to play on 1440p monitors, especially after manufacturer BenQ has raised hope with FAQs late last month. Are you hoping to enjoy the PS5 on a QHD display? Maybe consider browsing through our best 4K TV guide for PS5 instead.

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