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Reporting that Lori Loughlin is a ‘wreck’ in the prison is exaggerated, the source said

Hoping for a fresh start in 2021, Lori Loughlin reported earlier last week to begin a two-month prison sentence for her role in the college admissions bribery scandal. Change reports are now appearing on how she works inside, with one source said Our weekly that 56 years old Happy home The star is “a wreck” and that “it’s only been two months but she’s terrified of it.” The source added: “Her mind was constantly telling her that something would go horribly wrong in prison or that her stay could be extended”

; at the federal prison in Dublin. , California. However, Yahoo Entertainment called the assessment of her mental state “exaggerated” with a source saying there was no “truth” in the report that she was a wreck.

That doesn’t mean Loughlin is there for a walk in the park. According to Yahoo, the actress underwent the first two weeks of isolation due to COVID-19 infection, meaning she could not leave her cell or unit, and her meals were sent in paper bags. Visitors were also not allowed, although the prison gave inmates extra phone privileges to make up for this: 500 minutes per month (usually 300), broken down for 15 minutes. “She couldn’t do anything,” a former inmate now a prison consultant told Tin Mercury. “I believe they have material to read, but other than that, it was a really long day and night for her.” Once Loughlin leaves the quarantine, she will live in a “Earth Dog Day another prison consultant noted. A job in prison for Loughlin could require anything from cleaning and cooking to a clerical job. (Read more stories by Lori Loughlin.)

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