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Practice with MagSafe wallet attachment on Apple iPhone 12

Besides the MagSafe case and the ‌MagSafe‌ Charger that Apple introduced with the iPhone 12, there’s also a magnetized Leather Wallet on the back so it can be attached to the iPhone right away as an additional accessory. The leather wallet was available for purchase over the weekend, so we picked up one to see if it’s a worthwhile alternative to the traditional wallet.

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Design-wise, the $ 59 ‌iPhone‌ Leather Wallet is made in soft European leather in Baltic Blue, California Poppy (a deep yellow with a hint of orange), Saddle Brown, and Black. It̵
7;s light, compact, and minimalistic, and it looks great on the back of an ‌iPhone‌.

You can fit somewhere around two to three cards in a Leather Wallet and it’s best not to try to add as many tags in as the leather is known to stretch and wear. On the back of the Leather Wallet, there is a small cutout for the thumb to make it simple to slide the card out, but it takes a while to master the operation as the cards fit snugly.

Three card capacity may suit some people, but for those with multiple credit cards plus a driver’s license or ID, a Leather Wallet might not be ideal. The leather wallet can be attached directly to the ‌iPhone 12‌ or into the ‌MagSafe‌ box and it displays a small animation on the screen of the ‌iPhone‌ to let you know when it is connected.

When it comes to magnet strength, the magnet in the Leather Wallet is strong enough to stick to the case and stay in place when vigorously shaking the ‌iPhone‌, but we are skeptical that it will stay in place during daily use.

If you touch the Leather Wallet a few times, it will pop out immediately, but the biggest problem is how it interacts with the bags. When stuffing ‌iPhone‌ with Leather Wallet into a pocket, be careful when using. If you don’t align it properly, there’s a chance the ‌iPhone can get in your pocket while Wallet slips right away and so does taking it out.

The magnetic connection is not strong enough to securely attach the Leather Wallet to the ‌iPhone‌ when force is applied to the bag and if not careful, you may experience problems when the Wallet comes out during regular use. Your card will be more secure if you are not planning to pocket your ‌iPhone, but if you are going to take the Leather Wallet and use it as you normally would, please grip your wallet and phone tightly as you insert it and take it out of your pocket to ensure Wallet was not accidentally inflated.

Those with more than three cards to carry around regularly or who want the freedom to use the wallet without having to worry about attachment issues should probably choose not to use a Leather Wallet, but it has the potential to be one. Useful accessories for those who are careful and those who prefer minimal look and wallet experience.

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