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Planet Earth Report – “Are Neanderthals outside Homo sapiens at war with our ancestors?”

Earth from the ISS

The Planet Earth Report ”provides descriptive links to top science journalists’ headlines on extraordinary discoveries, technology, people and knowledge-changing events of We are about Planet Earth and the future of humanity.

“Beyond Homo Sapiens” – “Just a Darwin roll of a little bit different” – “Any extraterrestrial life we ​​find will be made of atoms just like us,” Harvard’s Center for Astrophysics, Avi Loeb, commented on the recent discovery of a Potential biological characteristics in Venus’s atmosphere, the closest planet to Earth where NASA is currently considering sending a spacecraft.

Did the Neanderthals go to war on our ancestors? Exactly why the Neanderthals died 40,000 years ago is still highly debated, but evolutionary biologist Nicholas Longrich has examined evidence for a war between them and modern humans, The Conversation reported.

“Extraterrestrial Covid-19 Predator” –The famous Drake equation continues to influence searches for extraterrestrial life in space, and perhaps helps determine someone’s chances of capturing COVID-19.

How the Space Station becomes the basis for kicking off the future of humanity – After being ridiculed as a poster child for government waste, the outpost in orbit is now seen as the basis for future space economic activity, The New York Times reported believe.

The International Space Station will die of fire Twenty years after the famous orbital outpost goes up, scientists and engineers are deciding how and when to return, Scientific American reports.

AI has cracked an important math puzzle to understand our world – “Partial differential equations can describe everything from planetary motion to plate tectonics, but they are notoriously difficult to solve. …[a new deep-learning technique for solving PDEs] 1,000 times faster than traditional math formulas, this will help us reduce our dependence on supercomputers and increase our computation power to model larger problems. Right. Please continue, “Karen Hao reports to MIT Technology Review

How many alien civilizations are there? A new galaxy survey holds a clue – The Milky Way has a lot of habitable real estate, with about half of the sun-like stars hosting Earth-sized worlds that can be life-friendly, according to the report by National Geographic.

‘It’s not a matter of trust’: the film examines the government’s UFO record “Phenomenon” studies the history of UFO claims from the 1940s to reveal this summer of the Department of Defense investigation into military sightings, The Guardian reported.

The first light on next-generation astronomical survey is directed towards a new understanding of the universe – Breakthrough all-sky surveys will strengthen our understanding of the formation and evolution of galaxies, reports the Carnegie Institute of Science.

The secret behind ‘Game of Thrones’ is revealed by data science and network theory Researchers from five universities across the UK and Ireland have come together to unravel “A Song of Ice and Fire”, the book based on the TV series, according to a University of Warwick report.

Physicists 3D-printed a boat that could be pulled down a human hair – “Researchers at Leiden University 3D printed the smallest boat in the world: a 30 micrometre copy of the Benchy tow boat, a famous 3D printer test object. This boat is so small, it can float down inside a human hair. John Biggs said on Gizmodo that the 3D-printed boat is part of the discovery of microwimmers, microscopic organisms or objects that can move in liquid.

This flying car costs $ 599K – and is now legal on the streets of the Netherlands, reports Singularity Hub.

Can the Lab-Grown brain become conscious? “Studies have paved the way for a debate between those who want to avoid creating consciousness and those who see complex organic matter as a means of studying human-devastating diseases. … Researchers are now calling for a set of guidelines, similar to those used in animal research, to guide the humane use of organic substances in the brain and other possible experiments. Gain consciousness, ”Sara Reardon tells Nature.

Science Fiction and Reality Science: What will Aliens look like? –That was a question from a science fiction author with The New York Times, reports by WUSF Public Media.

Climate crisis disrupts generations in American homes –Some young people who feel desperate and resentful at the global heat are experiencing the indifference and alienation of some elderly relatives, The Guardian reported.

Rarely have we seen a dinosaur brain like this before –While the dinosaurs later in this lineage were giant herbivores with tiny brains, this small species contained more power in its skull, the New York Times reported.

NASA objects with the new supermassive constellation, citing the risk of “catastrophic collision” “This particular spatial region tends to produce a large number of conjunctions.”

A peak of coral was discovered in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef – Underwater skyscrapers are full of marine life and have been ignored in previous surveys of the reef system, The New York Times reported.

Corals are the first animals seen to have genetic mutations that occur in adulthoodReporting to New Scientist

Carlo Rovelli: Where do things that fall into the black hole? –What happens to the matter in a black hole? This question has created many paradoxes, and in an excerpt from his latest book, the physics superstar Carlo Rovelli gives an answer, according to a New Scientist report.

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