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Oh right, Elden Ring

Just a quick reminder

Well, this is completely unnecessary. With the next generation console underway, remake version of the soul of the devil released with PlayStation 5 and A lot of other things are happening in the world, Elden Ring has been forgotten.

From Software is here to reopen the wound and pour salt in it.

For some reason, From Software came up with George RR Martin̵

7;s collaborative effort just to remind everyone that we are still eagerly awaiting this game. It doesn’t come with any kind of news or tease or window on when we can hear more. Just “we confirm that you are excited” and nothing else. In response to one Axe tweet, no less!

Here’s a quick recap of the story to date. From the notification software Elden Ring at Xbox’s E3 2019 press conference with a teaser trailer and no real details. Since then, it’s basically blunt silence. We should have seen more at the Taipei Game Show earlier this year, but that (like everything else) was canceled.

Who knows what’s going on, but From Software can’t just let the dogs fall asleep. Now you will see Elden Ring in the subject line and think “Oh yeah, Elden Ring! “I’m sorry for causing this second pain. Well, the third person if you subscribe to my hypothesis that Martin didn’t write anything of him. From, who’s teasing you on Twitter, leads to me writing a story that reminds you Elden Ring exist. It was a logistical chain of disappointment.

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