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Nov 6 coronavirus NC update: CDC report shows that COVID 19 patients have twice as likely to go to work.

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) – Here are the latest updates on COVID-19, a new coronavirus disease, in North Carolina.

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COVID-19 has changed the lives of many employees in the public and private sectors, with many working from home in recent months. A recent report from health officials suggests this could continue to be the best approach as cases increase in many states.

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that people who continue to work in an office or study in a school setting are at an increased risk of COVID-19 infection. Research shows that working adults who test positive for COVID-1

9 are almost twice as likely to be frequent at work than those who test negative.

“Businesses and employers should promote alternative work site options, such as remote work, where possible, to reduce exposure to SARS-CoV-2,” a summary. said off. “When remote work options are not viable, worker safety measures should continue to be expanded to reduce the possible exposure levels in the workplace.”

Middle school age students will be allowed to return to classes on Mondays within the Wake County Public Schools System. Students will return to rotating school for 3 weeks.

Viruses aren’t just growing in the United States. Europe is also reporting increased cases, and the number of new Russian coronavirus infections every day reached 20,000 on Friday, setting a new record since the start of the pandemic.

5:17 pm
The Halifax County Department of Health has reported 21 new cases out of a total of 1,522 out of 19 positive for COVID.

There have been 30 deaths – 1.9% of cases – countywide.

2:45 pm
While expressing optimism that after the election, blocking COVID-19 will be less politicized, Governor Roy Cooper and NCDHHS Minister Dr Mandy Cohen said North’s COVID-19 indicators Carolina is still trending in the wrong direction and both are concerned about the current state of the virus in Tar Heel state.

“It’s worrisome that we continue to see cases of high COVIDs,” Cohen said before looking at four key state metrics: COVID-like emergency room visits, the trajectory of positive cases, percentage of positive tests and number of hospitalizations.

While the number of visits to ER syndromes is decreasing slightly, they are still up from earlier in the pandemic. In addition, the trajectory of positive cases is higher than ever and continues to increase.

“There are concerns when the weather gets colder and people are gathering in the house,” Cohen said.

While the rates of test positive and hospitalization have both stabilized since mid-October, both have risen at the beginning of the month and remain high.

Cohen also said that hospitals tend to become capacity-strained even during the COVID-19-free years during the winter months due to the flu and other viruses circulating at that time.


While she said her department will release a more comprehensive guide next week, Cohen presented over five tutorials for those hoping to hold small family and friends reunions. on Thanksgiving or other holidays.

“I know people want and need to be together on vacation,” Cohen said. “If you decide to host or attend a vacation get-together, there are ways to do it as safely as possible.”

  1. Do not hold or attend a gathering if you feel sick, have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or believe you have been exposed to the virus.
  2. Keep gatherings small and outdoors when possible. Don’t exceed the 25-person concentration limit in your home.
  3. Set up separate tables so that people living in the same household sit together, with as much distance between tables as possible.
  4. Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces such as counters, doorknobs and service utensils
  5. Do 3 things: wear a mask whenever possible, wash your hands as often as possible, and keep as much distance between you and others as possible.

Also, while the COVID-19 tests in North Carolina are typically for people with symptoms, frontline workers or those who believe they may have been exposed to the virus, Cohen recommends anyone who has a succession plan. Planning to travel or attending a vacation celebration should do a test before leaving. However, she reminds residents of North Carolinians that a negative test does not allow reckless behavior – one should still wear a mask and practice away from society when there is no one in their family around.

11:55 am
The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services reported 2,859 new cases of COVID-19, the second highest daily increase since the beginning of the pandemic and the third consecutive day more than 2,000 new cases were reported. fox. In fact, the last 9/10 days, the state has reported more than 2,000 cases, of which four days were more than 2,800 cases and the record increase in one day was 2,885.

The spike in cases was met with a drastic increase in completed tests – 41,049 was recorded on Wednesday. The same percentage of positive tests dropped from over 7% to 6.6% on Tuesday.

An additional 41 people die from COVID-19 in the state, a number that has been on the rise in recent days, though not as important a figure for state health officials as death is. number is late.

There are currently 1,193 people hospitalized for COVID-19, with 97% of hospitals reporting. Over the past 24 hours, 319 patients with suspected COVID-19 infection have been hospitalized across the state.


While most Americans are turning their attention to the final stages of deciding next president, the COVID-19 pandemic remains a major hurdle in the US, where another record of cases is. Daily confirmed coronavirus was established as several states announced Wednesday all-time highs.

North Carolina reported 2,425 new cases on Wednesday and 50 deaths. The percentage of positive tests is 7.4% (the state goal is below 5%).

Governor Roy Cooper and the state coronavirus task force will settle the state at 2pm on Thursday. You can see the update on ABC11 and abc11.com.

According to the AP news agency, the United States has set a record for the number of daily infections as the number of cases has increased 45% in two weeks.

Meanwhile, Germany has recorded nearly 20,000 new coronavirus infections a day, the highest ever.

The National Center for Disease Control, Robert Koch Institute, said on Thursday that 19,990 cases of infection had been confirmed in the past 24 hours. That topped the previous record of 19,059 set on Saturday.

2:43 pm
Wake County Public Health has confirmed the COVID-19 outbreak at The Laurels of Forest Glen – a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center at 1101 Hartwell St.. in Garner.

This is the second outbreak confirmed at this location. No additional information about residents or facility employees will be released.

NC’s Department of Health and Human Services identifies an outbreak when two or more people – residents or staff – test positive for the virus.

According to NCDHHS Sec. Mandy Cohen’s Order 3, some facilities experiencing a new outbreak, had to roll back previous restrictions and disallow visitors for 28 days. That includes nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult care homes, behavioral health services and intellectual / developmental disabilities, intermediate care facilities, and psychiatric facilities. God.

2:10 pm
The Sampson County Department of Health is reporting 15 new cases, bringing the total number of positive cases to date to 2,956.

There have been 31 deaths across the county.

1:30 PM
The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services reports 2,425 new COVID-19 cases, adding 50 deaths, a sharp increase in both indices as North Carolina’s key indicators continue to be biased.

The number of new cases spiked with just 24,025 completed tests, the lowest increase in six days. At the same time, the percentage of active tests increased to 7.4% after a few days, to about 6%.

Currently, 1,186 people are hospitalized for COVID-19, an increase of 11 patients compared to Tuesday.

1:18 pm
The Halifax County Department of Health reports 15 new cases out of a total of 1,522 COVID-positive 19 cases.

There were 29 deaths across the county – accounting for 1.9% of cases.

11:54 am
A Central Prison inmate with pre-existing medical conditions, who tested positive for COVID-19, died at the prison hospital.

“His death is tragic and we are working very hard to minimize the impact of the virus in our prisons,” said Todd Ishee, Commissioner of the Prisons. “The health and safety of the employees and the population in breach are our top priorities.”

The offender, a man over 80 years old, tested positive for COVID-19 on October 14 and was in the prison hospital when his condition got worse and he was died on November 3.

10:12 am
Residents near downtown or southeast Raleigh will soon have an easy way to get the COVID-19 test. Wake County is partnering with Raleigh Gethsemane Adventist Church and Davie Street Presbyterian Church to provide a free driving test this weekend.

“We want to make the test readily available in communities where access may be limited – such as southeast of Raleigh or near downtown,” Wake County Medical Director, Dr. Kim McDonald said. “Working with these churches will allow those who need the COVID-19 test to have a test that is convenient and safe.”

The new drive-through test site will run on Saturday and Sunday. Appointments can be made online for a half hour period from 9am to 5pm This service is free, but everyone must register at awgov.com/testing to secure their seat.

Raleigh Gethsemane is located at 2525 Sanderford Road in southeast Raleigh. Davie Street Presbyterian is located at 300 E. Davie St. near downtown Raleigh.

In addition to the testing, Raleigh Gethsemane will distribute 100 emergency food cartridges (50 on Saturday and 50 on Sunday). They will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis to those who receive the test.

As the COVID-19 indicators continue to trending wrong in North Carolina, Wake County is expanding access to free COVID-19 driving test locations.

In a press release, the county announced two new test sites to open in downtown and southeast Raleigh this weekend: one at Raleigh Gethsemane Adventist Church and one at Davie Street Church. Presbyterian.

The test scores will be available this weekend from 9:00 – 17:00 Saturday and Sunday. Those wishing to check in must register in advance to schedule an appointment online here.

Officials at Raleigh Gethsemane will also distribute 50 emergency food cartridges a day on a first-come, first-served basis to those receiving the COVID-19 test.

“We want to make the test readily available in communities where access may be limited – such as southeast Raleigh or near downtown,” says Wake County medical director, Dr. Kim McDonald said in a written statement. “Working with these churches will allow people who need the COVID-19 test to have a test in a convenient and safe way.”

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