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NFL transaction deadlines to 2020: Rank every deal from Kwon Alexander to Desmond King and beyond

The NFL 2020 trade deadline (just a few hours away) is not the same as any that fans have seen. Teams are navigating the tournament COVID protocols and when they can get players in and out of their building. There is a fairly clear line that distinguishes the league’s best team from the worst, which should make it easier for buyers or sellers to be. The alliance has seen some transactions go through the wire of transactions but more transactions are expected ahead of the November 3 trading deadline.

CBS Sports is aggregating those moves below and providing points for each.

The DB Desmond King trading charger for Tennessee for the sixth pick

Titan: A
Charger: D

This is a win-win situation for Tennessee, as the Titans only had to part with the option of a Day 3 draft in exchange for an unpopular former All-Pro defensive defender in Los Angeles. Titans, which had one of the league̵

7;s worst pass defenses, were supplemented with King as head coach Mike Vrabel often lined up his defense in nickel. King will slide into the Adoree ‘Jackson and Malcolm Butler starting subsections in the corner alongside Kevin Byard and Kenny Vaccaro safely – providing a huge boost as a fifth defensive defender.

King will play the last year of his contract, but is probing for a long term contract in Tennessee. If defense over the Titans improves in the second half of the year and the team makes another deep playoff, King will return sooner for years to come. Vrabel will be looking to bring King back to his All-Pro form from two seasons ago.

Chargers chose the sixth round just to switch from King – the first All-Pro team in 2018 – too low for a player of King caliber. King was unpopular in Los Angeles after having reduced his time significantly in the past two seasons, despite having enjoyed previous success under defense coordinator Gus Bradley as one of the late Best guard game. Essentially, The Chargers moved from King this season with the signing of Chris Harris Jr.’s free agent signing, resulting in King’s playing time drastically reduced and, in turn, disappointment from the pick. 5 year round 2017.

Chargers cannot wait to continue from King when they start selling players’ burning deals when the contract expires. King won’t return to Los Angeles, but Chargers may have been given a fourth-round choice for one of his talented players. They just took King away.

– Jeff Kerr of CBS Sports

The 49ers exchanged LB Kwon Alexander to New Orleans for LB Kiko Alonso, the fifth conditional pick

Holy: B-
49ers: A-

New Orleans is in win-now mode and they aren’t too concerned with long-term ramifications. If that’s the strategy, then commit to it and deal with future complications. Those matters are sure to come but the Saints realize they’re in a Super Bowl window and don’t want to waste Drew Brees’s final years. San Francisco understood that this was simply not their year. Along the way, Kyle Shanahan’s side faced a streak of injuries and a handful of players would be out of action for the entire season. By shifting Alexander’s contract, it helps to give San Francisco some flexibility in the long term in retaining key players. During the season, they were forced to make a decision between Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner which would have been avoided if Alexander’s contract was not fulfilled.

– CBS Sports’ Josh Edwards

Steelers bought LB Avery Williamson in exchange for a fifth pick

Steelmaker: B +
Jet: B +

It is a fairly equal agreement for both parties. Minimum Steelers get a veteran reserve with many iterations in the tournament. Williamson wouldn’t make a serious mistake in a crash situation. The Pittsburgh defense was terrible when it injured defenders Ryan Shazier and Devin Bush. The organization has made it clear that it doesn’t want to experience life without a qualified backer in the process of running a potential title.

As for the Jets, they are freeing up limited space for wages and asset redemption. General Manager Joe Douglas is facing a protracted redevelopment and must consider the long-term fortunes for the franchise. If there are players who are excluded from that long-term view, whether because of their age, attitude or play style, now is the time to turn them in in the hope of exchanging some assets.

– CBS Sports’ Josh Edwards

Seahawks bought Bengals DE Carlos Dunlap in exchange for C BJ Finney, the seventh pick

Seahawks: B-
Bengali: B-

The Seahawks desperately needed a fast machine, and Dunlap provided them with one, albeit only in a short time, with the perennial Bengals ending 31 and due more than $ 11 million by 2021. That’s no should be the perfect addition; After all, there was a reason the Pro Bowl edge’s presence two times before was not just trash. But it is something for Seattle, and on the contrary, Dunlap should be pushed right now as he has the aspirations to leave Cincy.

From the Bengals point of view, it’s hard to jump for joy to return – one who flies a seventh lap and a center fills up with a decent 2021 limited shot (of course, could be dumped in the school Finney’s suit is cut off). But still, to get anything More than a late man for a guy in Dunlap, who was struggling on the field and making a ruckus, was a snake. Good for them at least experienced with a sale.

– CBS Sports’ Cody Benjamin

The lion buys Cowboys DE Everson Griffen in exchange for a sixth pick

Lion: B
Cowboys: C

Are these Lion’s opponents? Sure is not. But with Matt Patricia’s squad at least around NFC North and the defense in need of marginal help, the Griffen is a welcome addition to a familiar team. He didn’t appear in Dallas, but he still has a great track record and will enjoy the chance to play against his old friends in Minnesota.

Meanwhile, Cowboys deserves a little credit for admitting the cold, hard truth (that they are bad people) and breaking up with ineffective old veterinarians sooner than later. Still, get a sixth-round future less than three months after handing Griffen $ 6 million to start up against DeMarcus Lawrence? It was a loss, in a grand scheme of things.

– CBS Sports’ Cody Benjamin

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