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NFL Trade Rumor Tracker: Latest updates, live news, and more

Today marks a very important date on the calendar! It’s Election Day in the US, so get out and vote if you haven’t already.

Oh, and the NFL 2020 deal deadline is set at 4:00 PM Eastern time later this afternoon. Will we see any meaningful action or will it be a more quiet news cycle due to the COVID-19 complication?

Either way, we’ll post all of the Philadelphia Eagles and related news across the tournament in this NFL trade gossip tracker. Latest updates will be posted at the top.


[2:00 PM ET] ̵

1; Pretty quiet day of the rumor, as you can tell! But we have this from NFL insider Mike Garafolo: “There have been reports and gossip for both sides – that the Eagles will be active sellers and buyers. What I’m going to tell you is, with the few hours left here, my expectation is that the Eagles won’t do that. I will explain it to you this way: there won’t be anything big. There can still be one small move the Eagles make. But Howie Roseman, he’s got to go a bit here, he’s in a subtle position. Things are still not perfect and he has been talking since last year about adding the roster, hoping to do so through a draft. He’s always checking everything. I think he’s looking to see if he’s able to compile some picks to take down some guys or maybe get a guy for a good price. So Eagles are involved in as much negotiations as they usually do. And I think that has led to a lot of rumors. But I don’t expect much action. Certainly nothing important from Eagles based on the chats I have had with a number of sources. “

[8:42 AM ET] – In case you missed it on the weekends, the Eagle is said to be still listening to Alshon Jeffery’s offers (shocking!). They are also listening to offers for Zach Ertz and DeSean Jackson, who cannot trade now because they are on the sidelines. The Eagles reported that Will Parks is available.


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