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MLB’s top 10 offseason trade contenders: Francisco Lindor, Kris Bryant among the big names; Will Rays move Snell?

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Contract status: Freelance agency after 2021

(projected salary of $ 19.0 million by 2021)

These were difficult decisive times for Cleveland. To be fair, they haven’t had trouble making difficult decisions in the past (see: Trevor Bauer, Mike Clevinger, and Corey Kluber), but Francisco Lindor is an exceptionally difficult type of decision. In fact, Cleveland has three options with its franchise players:

  • Trade him now for the maximum possible profit.
  • Trade him on deadline to get less profit (like Orioles did with Manny Machado).
  • Hold him the next year and choose the draft bonus when he leaves as a freelance agent.

The first choice was almost like waving a white flag in 2021, though trading Bauer and Clevinger showed that Cleveland was skillful enough to trade an influential player and continued the race. The latter is risky because Lindor could get hurt and see his commercial value pit. The third option is almost an option. Cleveland is unable to let Lindor go and in return receives only a dull draft option. They can not. Cleveland has been against the Lindor trade for the past few years, and that’s understandable. They could not kick the can further down the street. The clock is ticking.

Proposers can: Angels, Phillies, Yankees

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Contract status: Freelance agency after 2021 (projected salary of $ 18.6 million by 2021)

Wouldn’t it be a thing if, after all the freaks of service, the Cubs ended up with Kris Bryant not bidding ahead of their chosen extra season? Bryant was very ready last season but the pending serving time complaint got in the way – teams don’t know if they will buy Bryant for a year or two – and that is no longer the case. The Cubs are expected to cut payroll and change their core, and they can plug David Bote into a hot corner. Bryant played quite badly last season and has had a poor year. The belief that he will recover next season is an expensive gamble, but a huge one.

Proposers can: Blue Jays, Braves, Nationals, Phillies

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Contract status: Freelance agency after 2023 (projected salary of $ 5.1 million by 2021)

As good as he was – and he was great – Josh Hader got a little worse with each passing season in his career. It’s no secret that Brewers listened to commercial offers last season and the same will certainly be true this season, now Hader has been closer than a year as a freelance agent and to be. more expensive through arbitration. The fact that no team has claimed Brad Hand and his $ 10 million club option last week is not a good harbinger of Hader’s trading value in this market – why the outlook for trading for Hader when Hand has cash only? – but I’m sure the teams will care.

Proposers can: Angels, Braves, Dodgers, Phillies, Yankees (actually most of the contenders)

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Contract status: Freelance agents after 2021 ($ 8 million debt in 2021)

Rangers had been making a list of offers to buy Lance Lynn, who had revealed it to Texas, at the deadline of the transaction but nothing caught their attention. With a few impact starter tools available in the company for free (Trevor Bauer, Marcus Stroman, and Masahiro Tanaka are the best in the market), Rangers can – and should, I think – hang Lynn again. He’s very good, he’s very affordable, and Rangers need help in all areas. With Mike Minor, Texas has learned the hard way that keeping a beginner instead of trading him at his value peak can backfire badly. Rangers would be foolish not to listen to Lynn’s suggestions this winter.

Proposers can: Angels, Blue Jays, Braves, Mets, Phillies, White Sox, Yankees (actually most of the contenders)

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Contract status: Freelance agents after 2023 ($ 10.5 million debt in 2021, $ 12.5 million in 2022, and $ 16 million in 2023)

No, this is not an outrageous reaction to Blake Snell’s “frustrated and annoyed” at the World Series’s Game 6 quick hook. It’s an acknowledgment that Snell is getting closer to a point where Rays tends to trade their best players (i.e. he’s getting expensive). His salary increased from $ 1 million in 2019 to $ 7 million in 2020, though the shutdown has brought that number down to $ 2.6 million pro rata. Next year, Snell will give eight numbers to a team that consistently runs payrolls in the $ 60 million range. Even after rejecting Charlie Morton’s choiceI don’t think Rays would hesitate a second to trade with Snell if any team made a good offer.

Proposers can: Angels, Braves, Mets, Phillies, White Sox (actually most of the candidates)

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Contract status: Freelance agents after 2021 ($ 7.5 million debt in 2021)

The 2020 season was a disaster for Diamondbacks. Things get worse when they trade off Starling Marte and Archie Bradley, their center and closer, though both of these players will remain under team control in 2021. Eduardo Escobar is a bridge well-known player in Arizona but he’s had a brutal 2020, and D-Backs has younger (and cheaper) third base options in Wyatt Mathisen and Josh VanMeter. The veteran purge is likely to continue this season, and Escobar will be a more payroll-friendly third-base alternative to some of the larger names out there.

Proposers can: Blue Jays, Braves, Brewers, Nationals, Phillies

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Contract status: Under contract until 2026, it is possible to opt out after 2021 (debt of $ 27 million to $ 35 million annually between 2021-26)

It’s no secret Nolan Arenado is not happy with the Rockies, mainly because they do nothing to improve after the end of the 71-91 season in 2019. They miss the post-season in 2020 again. Rockies owner Dick Monfort sent a letter to the low-season ticket holders. Expectations for the season – “It won’t be normal about this holiday as the industry faces a new economic reality,” the letter said, according to The Athletic’s Nike Groke – and if the team wants to de-payroll, the easiest way to do that is to unload Arenado. Problem? The contract is unattractive at a time when the turnover is lower than expected, he has been through a 2020 season (by his standards) and he has a complete no-trade clause, so he is full control. Colorado may have to eat a lot of dollars to complete a deal.

Proposers can: Phillies, Mets

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Contract status: Freelance agents after 2022 ($ 18 million debt in 2021 and $ 15 million in 2022)

A slump 2018 season and a finger problem in early 2019 eclipsed Kyle Seager’s star a bit, but he’s made a very good return over the past two years and has been extremely efficient at both. side. The problem is not that his production is too much (or more precisely the planned production). That is his contract. It includes a $ 15 million club selection exclusive bill for 2022 that will turn into player options if Seager is traded and with the current market you have to believe he will choose it. . Mariners will probably have to eat money to facilitate trading of their choice.

Proposers can: Blue Jays, Braves, Phillies, Nationals

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Contract status: Freelance agency after 2023 (expected salary of $ 1.8 million by 2021)

Andres Gimenez has made such a strong impression in every aspect this past season, that he seems to have pushed Amed Rosario out of the Mets long-term picture. Rosario’s stagnant onslaught and sometimes defensive doubts did not exactly help his cause. However, Rosario just turned 25 later this month and he’s not too far off to be an elite prospect. These tools are still premium and the shortstop is a hard position to fill. Rebuilding clubs (and some of the contenders) would be smart to arrive in New York this winter and see if they can poke around Rosario to take something like 75 cents on a dollar.

Proposers can: Angels, Athletics, Cleveland, Marlins, Orioles, Pirates, Red Devils, Royal Family

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Contract status: Freelance agent after 2022 (debt of $ 19,375 million per season for the next two seasons)

It’s no surprise that JD Martinez refused to be part of his contract before this season. It would be hard for a 33-year-old DH to have his worst season in years to get past two years and total $ 38.75 million in normal time. After shutdown? Forget. There is basically no chance. Red Sox will have to eat money to facilitate trading, which they show a willingness to do with David Price. Would it care if Boston eats enough money to make him a $ 10 million a year in the next two years? Even then, the market will be limited, though I do expect Red Sox to aggressively shop Martinez this holiday season.

Proposers can: Twins, White Sox, could be Braves, Padres and Phillies if NL passes DH

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