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MagSafe on iPhone 12: I was wrong to suspect Apple’s magnetic charger


MagSafe is a fast charger and it’s great. But it’s also proprietary and currently only available to the iPhone 12.

Patrick Holland / CNET

The iPhone 12 There is a new magnetic charging system called MagSafe. It was a familiar name because MagSafe was present on all sides MacBook, Once upon a time. It attaches automatically and easily pops out so that tripping over the power cord won’t knock your laptop off your desk … and is often appreciated.

I didn’t like the idea of ​​MagSafe when Apple first announced it for the iPhone 12, because all i want is USB-C. I want a normal non-proprietary charger. Instead, Apple has doubled-down on its exclusive charging options. It sounds interesting but not necessary.

I still want USB-C. But I was wrong about MagSafe.

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The magnet is strong and works with supported cases.

Scott Stein / CNET

New and familiar

I had to try out the iPhone 12 Pro and MagSafe chargers for about a last day and it won me. Charger costs an additional $ 39and does not come with a charging adapter, so you need one of those adapters too (any USB-C adapter will work, but Here are some suggestions for good charger adapter). But it feels a lot like a giant Apple Watch charger for iPhone. And that should be my first hint that I appreciate this idea.

The Apple Watch also has a proprietary built-in magnetic charger, and it works similarly. It pops up easily, the watch rings a little and I see the charge status. Same thing for iPhone. It makes charging iPhone a no-brainer, as long as I have a charging cable nearby. It seems to drift to rooms I don’t live in and other rooms without chargers because those other rooms have Lightning, USB-C, or Qi chargers.

Make sure to carry the MagSafe charging cable with you, and in that sense it’s like every dedicated wearable tech charger I’ve seen over the past decade. The small, the big, the pronged ones. They work fine for the wearables you have, but don’t lose them.


Apple Watch and MagSafe: no, this doesn’t work.

Scott Stein / CNET

How many MagSafe variants will there be and will they ever perform data transfer?

My first thought is that Apple needs to bring MagSafe to all of its devices. But then I wonder, how will that happen? Will that big disk-based charger stick to a future iPad or MacBook? Will magnet-coated areas exist, ready for MagSafe? Or will different size adapters appear, for specific devices? Like the Apple Watch, compared to the iPhone 12?

I also wonder if MagSafe can combine some sort of data, to allow accessories or also act as a docking station. Suddenly I felt like I was Territory Moto Mod. Apple’s expanding smartly connected accessories seems like a long and slightly outdated idea. Smart keyboard connection has been in existence for many years, but not by much.

MagSafe long-term questions abound, but right now I like it more than I thought. But that doesn’t mean I still don’t want to use USB-C. I still hope Apple doesn’t ditch USB-C on the next iPhone. I want MagSafe to be a doorway to an additional context of accessories and hopefully Apple will stay away from replacing the other port on the iPhone.

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