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LeBron James, the Lakers will manage loads like crazy when the NBPA agrees to promote the 2020-21 season

A typical NBA season, roughly three to five months, depends on whether you make it to the knockout stages or not and how far you go. This is not a typical season. The Los Angeles Lakers won the 2020 championship in the Orlando bubble on 12 October. On Thursday, the NBPA approved the ownership proposal to start the 2020-21 season on December 22, Time for the Christmas Day game to benefit television broadcast.

So let’s do the math, and that’s nine weeks between the last game of last season and the first game of the next season. Throw yourself in the training camp, and that could have been a month and a half for the Lakers and Heat, and a few more weeks for the Nuggets and the Celtics, both of which have reached the finals.


7;s a short rotation, especially considering the extreme extreme conditions in a bubble. No, teams don’t have to travel, and that’s a big deal. But basically they also have to play every other day until the end of the knockout rounds. The players did not, and likely still did not, like the idea of ​​starting next season so early, but they agreed for one simple reason: Money.

It is estimated that the league will lose in about half a billion dollars if pushing the 2020-21 season to start even a few more weeks into January, and the players know that those losses will trickle into their pockets. . So as they are now, they will start on December 22 and play 72 games, 10 games less than their usual 82-game option, which will allow them to finish the season on a regular timeline. Usually and equally important to start the 2021-22 season in time, when the pandemic is expected to be a thing of the past and the tournament can return to normal.

Until then, expect to see A LOT of volume managed by so many teams, including LeBron James and the Lakers. LeBron is entering his 18th season. He will be 36 years old on December 30th. He just won a fourth championship and knows that he has a legitimate spot to take 5th place this upcoming season. He wouldn’t be wasting his feet by pushing himself in the first part of his rushing schedule.

For what? Slightly higher playoff seeds? No chance. Anthony Davis will also take some time off. And my guess is that the NBA will soften its stance on the healthy stars that sit out of matches, something they’ve been trying to stop in previous seasons, albeit with mixed success. You want to think that the product of the tournament is important to players reaping financial rewards from its popularity, but they won’t risk their bodies for a Tuesday night match in January. or a Wednesday night game in February, and they’re ‘I’ll probably miss the big time in between. Three games here. A week there. Who knows.

LeBron just struggled this past season. He played 67 out of 71 regular season games, scoring almost 35 minutes per match. Yes, there was a break from March to August when the tournament was suspended mid-pandemic, but in some ways that made it more difficult. LeBron and all the others, had had to hold on to a form of not knowing when the season would continue, so it was truly a full calendar year, from October 2019 to October 2020, which This person cannot be completely separated from NBA basketball. That is the mental training as much as the physical. And LeBron won’t be alone in recovering some of that missed time at least at the start of this quick 2020-21 season, if not over.

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