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Labriola continued if Claypool wasn’t the Steelers’ choice

Ready or not, it happens:

• “With the 48th pick in the NFL Draft 2020, the San Francisco 49ers picked Darrell Taylor, defensive defender, Tennessee. Pittsburgh was successful.”

• As the watches begin to tick as the Steelers make their initial selection for the Draft NFL 2020, something is going on.

• The Steelers know who they will choose. Their fans know who they WANT them to choose. And various factions of the media are willing to tell them who they SHOULD choose depending on which player they actually choose, because after all, hot views and instant analytics pay off. bills today.

• Tickly. Tickly.

• “With the 49th option in Draft NFL 2020, Pittsburgh Steelers chose Chase Claypool, wide receiver, Notre Dame.”


• And with that announcement, everyone gets what they want. The Steelers have someone they think is the best player for them. The fans made them want to arouse the complaints and grievances still going on in some of the Steelers Nation’s dark corners. And the media has got what they need to fill the days and weeks after choosing because the “shoulda, cana” options are ignored.

• There’s Cam Akers and JK Dobbins to the crowd “We have to take a run back because James Conner can’t stay healthy”. Jalen Hurts for the crowd “We need a better backup for Ben, and the Hurts can be used as a Slash in the meantime”. And Denzel Mims said, “If we’re going to pick a receiver, at least get a guy who posted 40 times in the Matching crowd.”

• “We never went into (draft) looking for a position,” said General Manager Kevin Colbert shortly after the Steelers chose Claypool. “We have ideas about the strengths of the draft class, we have ideas where we want them to be. And if they fit together at some point, great. In the case of broad recipients. We are happy to have a specific player for us, not that position, chase after Claypool, a player ready to serve us for all the reasons we have stated. Big, agile, athletic, physical He can catch the ball to dispute Again, when there’s a player like him, it’s easy. We are not looking for any specific positions. Come on. ”

• Then it happened. Apocalypse scenario. Within an hour, the Baltimore Raven was trading in the second round to pick Dobbins, and the world was over. The Steelers 2020 season has been declared over five months before kick-off. Immediately after the selection, the Steelers were relegated permanently after thinking at AFC and AFC North. Oh, Excessive Wealth – Dobbins came to the team that used to lead the NFL rush in 2019. Start testing the top scorer for Wild Cards in the knockout stages, because 1st place at AFC North is the property of the Baltimore Raven.

• At least that’s awareness because April 23 has faded to April 24. Today? Maybe even the Raven wished Steel Man had chosen Dobbins, or Akers, or especially Hurts, as that would give them the ability to capture Chase Claypool.

• Looking at the Raven team that will face off against the Steelers on Sunday, Dobbins, at least for this year, is an addition to the myriad of wealth the team has had when running back. Maybe in the very near future, Dobbins will be a replacement or even an upgrade for 30-year-old Mark Ingram, but this season this rookie is just a backup, the front fence. injury.

• Just a few days ago, Raven was unsatisfied with their broad recipients that they took the chance for Dez Bryant and signed him into their practice team as a simple way to decide if he Do we fit into their locker room and find out if he can help their passing attack. It is revealed that Raven will sign a guy who will be 32 years old on November 4 and has not played in an NFL game since the regular season finale in 2017, a guy with a pre-effort. That to join the NFL list ended up with a torn Achilles in 2018.

• Ravens’ foul behavior was first in the NFL in terms of yards per game (164.3) and an average increase per jump (5.4), but was 31st in the league in terms of yards of passing. per game (177.8) and Lamar Jackson ranked 27th in percentage completion. Seven of Raven’s 10 touches have come to a close close to Mark Andrews and Nick Boyle, and it is not that those touches count less than the number of touches on the wide-set, but it is clear Coach Coach John Harbaugh wants to get more contributions in the field from his receiver. If not, why flirt with Bryant?

• For the Steelers, Claypool has 18 tackles at 333 yards (average 18.5) and four taps, and five of his 18 catches are 84, 39, respectively. 36, 35 and 32 yards. Baltimore’s longest match by a wide receiver is 47 yards.

• So think again, Steelers fans. Which player makes your favorite team’s most fierce opponent a bigger threat in 2020: another talent running backwards, or a big, fast, physically athletic man? Because if you believe Raven’s picking Dobbins was a nightmare, imagine if they got Claypool.

• In the end it becomes meaningless. In fact, it was ultimately viewed as negative for the way it ended, but what the Steelers’ offense did in mid-4th quarter against Titans in Tennessee last Sunday was a clear bright spot.

• Probably not for that game. But will definitely move up for the remainder of the season.

• The situation is this: The Titans have just scored one goal to reduce their deficit to 27-24, and after a penalty awarded to Henry Mondeaux in the next game, the Steelers started attacking at the line. 9 yards with 10: 08 remaining in the fourth quarter.

• From there, the bug ran 16 innings, went 82 yards, and cost 7:38 the clock. In possession, Ben Roethlisberger finished 10 out of 14 for 72 yards, and the Steelers converted 4 out of 5 on the third down, all due to him passing the ball. By the time the Titans got the ball back, there were only 2:35 left and they had just one time to wait.

• Of course, those would require a more positive end than a final intercept, but it was an inevitable positive for the Steelers’ offense in order to take away the atmosphere of football at That level in the fourth quarter of a game against a quality opponent.

• With the presidential election only a few days away, its coverage appears to have reached 24/7 intensity. Chances are people have gotten tired of this, and it’s also very likely that many of those tired people go to places like these for a little rest. But stick with me for a few minutes here, because I believe you will be rewarded.

“CBS Evening News” host Norah O’Donnell recently spoke with Dan Coats, a former Republican senator from Indiana who was President Donald Trump’s first National Intelligence Director. In the first televised interview since the president abruptly replaced him last July, Coats spoke of how worried he might be on Election Day.

• Jacket: “The nightmare scenario is that on election night, people will come to conclusions or a few days later will come to the conclusion that their candidate has been denied victory and public riots will happen and violence can happen from there. ”

• O’Donnell: “Have you seen any evidence of widespread fraud? Or anything that makes you believe this will not be a fair election?”

• Coats: “No, I haven’t seen it yet, and the people I’ve been talking to are watching this basically saying they haven’t seen this yet, at least for the moment.”

• In the interview, Coats went on to say that the country in which he was most concerned about disrupting the election was Russia.

• Coat: “They’re New England Patriots messing up the elections. I think they do it better than anyone else.”

• In all dynasties in all the all-time sports, Coats chose the Patriotic team when the topic under discussion was cheating. Interesting.

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