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Kojima’s infamous ‘PT’ demo was unplayable on PS5

But what makes the situation so foreign is still it is already playable on PS5 at a time. Polygon’s Michael McWhertor reports that when he first got his PS5 review unit, he was able to switch the game while playing it on the console. However, at some point in the last few days, the situation has changed. McWhertor says you can’t play PT on PS5 too. After the factory gave his PS5 a break, he knew that he couldn’t switch games either. A Sony spokesperson told Polygons backward compatibility changes on PS5 “are at the discretion of the publisher.”


It seems if you are one of the lucky few still there PT on your PS4, your best bet is to keep it there. At this point, you’re holding a piece of history, a Konami doesn’t want you to have.

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