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Jets’ Sam Darnold has stayed away from In-N-Out

Sam Darnold’s key to entering the training camp with ease: avoid doubles.

“I guarantee that I don’t eat whatever I want to eat. I don’t have to In-N-Out every day and make sure I’m eating good food, ”said Darnold on Wednesday. “Putting the right stuff in my body is a huge part of it. I am working four or five days a week. I don’t have to worry about how much effort I put in. It’s really about what I’m putting into my body. ”

The 23-year-old said he focused on a few things during his training.

“It’s making sure I’m doing everything I can to make my bottom as strong as possible and making sure my top isn̵

7;t loose, I guess there’s a lack of a better term,” Darnold said. Darnold said. “Make sure I’m still strong. I want to make sure my arm is ready for action. Keep my arms in shape and keep my core right. “

Darnold won’t have to worry about In-N-Out in New Jersey. When he comes back to California, he can visit. He placed his order: “Number 1, grilled onion, Neopolitan shake. Easily.”

Coaches and teammates say they see a difference in Darnold in Year 3 in the NFL and Year 2 in Adam Gase’s offense.

Sam Darnold;  In and out
Sam Darnold; In and outBill Kostroun; Getty

“Sam feels a lot more comfortable,” said Le’Veon Bell, running again. “You can tell just by the way he talks to guys. That is a stricter for him. … He knows he can hold everyone accountable because he won’t mess up. Even with Coach Gase, he could call something and Sam is fixing him right now. Sam is getting to the point where he is really starting to understand crime. It will be fun. I am very excited. “

Attack coordinator and midfielder coach Dowell Loggains said Darnold knew the offense was clear.

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“The biggest thing I see about him is the command. He can speak with more confidence, ”says Loggains. “Last year he learned. We need to see the command from him now to become an extension of the coaching staff. “

The Jets stepped up their practice Wednesday, following NFL guidelines. They can do some field work with helmets. It is similar to the Stage 2 practices they have in the spring. They’ll do more of that on Thursday and then move on to OTA elimination on Friday, where they can do a little more on the pitch. They can put the pads on Monday and have a normal training camp training session.

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