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Its creators say that Netflix spoiled Airbender’s live-action remake

In a rare public failure for Netflix, the creators of the platform’s highly anticipated, real-life adaptations Avatar: The last airbender, the famous Nickelodeon cartoon, has left the project.

Avatar: The last airbenderThe entire movie went live on Netflix this past June, grabbing a huge audience and rekindled the popularity of the 2000s animated film. But in separate posts published on similar blogs and Instagrams. their application, Avatar Franchise creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko said they no longer participate in the previously announced Netflix remake, due to lingering creative differences. (Vox has reached out to Netflix for comment.)

“When Netflix put me in the running of this series with Mike two years ago,” Konietzko wrote in his Instagram post, “they made a very public promise to support our vision. Unfortunately, no such promise was fulfilled. … [T]He treats the project collectively which created what I feel is a negative and unsupported environment. “

“I realize I can’t control the creative direction of the series, but I can control how I react,” DiMartino added on its own website. “So I chose to leave the project.”

Both creators described the move as “a difficult decision” but said that they had lost confidence that Netflix would respect their vision of the show. This happened almost two years after Netflix announced a live-action restart of the series, causing a huge backlash. Despite its short run, which ended more than a decade ago, Avatar fans remain loyal – and the fact that Netflix has attracted the series’ creators to join seems to make them believe in the project. .

That may no longer be the case. It’s rare that Netflix has such a public parting with the creators of one of their famous products, let alone creators whose names are synonymous with beloved brands, yes. the reputation that the project participates in. More surprising is that Netflix has achieved tremendous success with Avatar community this year. The recent release of Airbender on the platform – making it more accessible to viewers than in previous years – has seen the show trending on the Netflix Top 10 list for weeks. The launch of Netflix seems to have confirmed the show’s popularity while introducing it to many new fans.

Airbenderfollow, Legend of the Korra, also coming on the platform this weekend. That moment made the announcement of DiMartino and Konietzko leaving the live-action series even more curious – even though Netflix provided a home for the franchise, AirbenderThe future of the streaming platform is currently under scrutiny.

It also ended the fate of the live-action series in a way too familiar Avatar fan. This is certainly not the first time the franchise has been in a precarious position when the live-action comes in.

Of his three favorite seasons, Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The last airbender (2005–08) has become a true game changer. Set in a fantasy world based mainly on Asian culture, Airbender prized for its sensitive multicultural storytelling, revolving around a group of “bending people” – who can manipulate the four elements – using their powers to stop a warlike, military nation from their violent conquest of their neighbors. In addition to carefully avoiding harmful Eastern jokes, the show made every effort to portray its various cultural fables. And with a pre-planned three-season storyline, it has to invest deeply in both its world-building and its characters over time, allowing it to naturally evolve to get one. deeply satisfying.

Loving people Airbender really, really love Airbender. But over the years, the award-winning Peabody show has taken setbacks. The most infamous of these was Paramount’s catastrophe of a live-action film adaptation. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, the film has one of the most unique, engaging, and notorious works in recent memory. Fans staged protests that lasted over a year due to the film disturbing the careful cultural origins of the show’s original world construction and casting of white actors in national roles. – a practice known as bending.

When released in June 2010, Shyamalan’s work turned out to be a colossal artistic fluster, a massive and climactic flop that almost ended the director’s career. It also leaves a trail Airbenderis a legacy of newcomers as well as longtime fans.

The movie’s fate may have decisively ended any attempt to transform animation Airbender into a live-action of just about anything. But when Netflix announced the live-action series adaptation in 2018, many fans were curious and excited to see what a loyal program adaptation can be achieved – especially with creator participation, unlike the simple approach DiMartino and Konietzko took with Shyamalan’s film.

This news has disappointed fans, many of whom are now questioning whether they would like to try again to paraphrase the show live without a creator. After all, the film has shown us that the original visions of Konietzko and DiMartino – an anime-influenced story with a complex theme and slow, satisfying character arc – could be eliminated entirely if the project falls into the wrong hands. Capture the spirit of Airbender seems to require a sensitive touch; From the sound of its creators’ posts, it looks like Netflix doesn’t have that at all.

Fans were so excited for the show to overcome the freakishness of the awful movie, and the year 2020 really felt like a huge revival for the franchise. Legend of korra is a much more divisive follow-up, but it’s also poised for a cultural revival when it launches on Netflix August 14th. Airbender back to focus, the right time to reassess Once – but now Once’Netflix’s launch could be overshadowed by its creators exiting the live-action series.

However, DiMartino and Konietzko insist that this is not the end of the franchise or their participation in it. And the live-action Netflix adaptation seems to be still going on. And it’s odd that Netflix parted ways with such famous creators, it’s not like Netflix doesn’t have a proven track record when it comes to reimagining popular franchises from the media. Another message – just watch its extremely popular live-action adaptation of the action The Witcheror a recent reboot Babysitting club. Plus, whenever a deeply-loved series is adapted, remade, or restarted, it is bound to leave at least a few fastidious fans overlooking, regardless of quality. star.

“And who knows? Netflix’s live-action adaptation is about Avatar has good potential. It could be a performance that many of you will enjoy, ”wrote DiMartino. “But what I can be sure of is that whatever version ends up on screen, it won’t be what Bryan and I envision or plan to do.”

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