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IPad Pro keyboard comparison: Logitech’s $ 160 Folio Touch vs. Apple’s $ 300 Magic Keyboard

Logitech recently launched the Folio Touch, a keyboard and touchpad cover designed for the 11-inch iPad Pro that serves as a replacement for the Magic Keyboard. In our latest YouTube video, we compare the $ 160 Folio Touch with Apple’s $ 300 Magic Keyboard to see which one is better.

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Logitech is selling the Folio Touch for $ 160, while Apple’s Magic Keyboard for the ‌iPad Pro‌ is much more expensive at $ 300, so right off the bat, it has a huge price advantage.

The Folio Touch has a better viewing angle thanks to the movable stand, which gives better protection to the ‌iPad Pro‌ as it covers the entire device and the lid can be folded down to use the ‌iPad Pro‌ in mode. on a tablet or with an Apple Pencil, something that Magic Keyboard can’t do.

Design-wise, the Folio Touch is bulkier with extra protection and is made from a fabric material that’s less prone to dust and dirt, but the aforementioned stand isn’t as malleable and sturdy as the Magic Keyboard in the palm of the table key. The Magic Keyboard’s hinge is sturdy and the floating design gives a visual impact, while the Folio Touch offers a simpler iPad case design.

One key advantage that the Folio Touch brings is a row of function keys for media control, Home screen access, screen brightness adjustment, etc. and that’s missing on the Magic Keyboard. There’s space to charge the ‌Apple Pencil‌ with Folio Touch and it can be held in place with the magnetic cover when the keyboard is closed. The same is true for the Magic Keyboard, but there’s no extra cover to hold the ‌Apple Pencil‌ in place.

The Magic Keyboard’s touchpad is a bit better since it doesn’t take a lot of effort to click, but that should ease slightly if you have touch to enable. Both touchpads are equally functional and work with all iPadOS gestures. The Magic Keyboard keys also feel better under the finger when scrolling more and pressing harder, but it’s a close call.

Both are backlit and connect to ‌iPad Pro‌ using Smart Connector, so there’s no need to charge or use Bluetooth, and both keyboard options seem to drain the same amount of battery from the ‌iPad Pro‌. There is no additional USB-C port on the Folio Touch like on the Magic Keyboard, which is a negative if you want to use extra accessories, plus the cut is a bit small so it might not work with the dock.

Remember to watch the full video for a better look at how the two keyboards compare, but in short, Logitech Folio Touch is an attractive Virtual Keyboard replacement as it offers the same functionality as the Keyboard It’s virtual and when it comes to the kickstand and versatility of the case design, it’s even better than the Magic Keyboard.

The Magic keyboard has some perks like an additional USB-C port and a more unique and attractive hinge design, but for $ 160 the Logitech Folio is definitely worth a look for those looking for a ‌iPad keyboard. Pro‌. The biggest downside is that it’s not yet available for the 12.9-inch ‌iPad Pro‌.

We’ll have a deeper review of the Logitech Folio Touch coming this weekend, so keep that in mind and let us know in the comments what you think about each keyboard.

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