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How wearing a mask while driving can prevent COVID-19

Masked people scare past protesters against the mask's authorization in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 22, 2020.

Masked people scare past protesters against the mask’s authorization in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 22, 2020.
Photo: Bridget BENNETT / AFP (beautiful images)

From time to time, I see memes or social media posts mocking masked people behind the wheel. “Why do people wear masks while driving?” Yes, there are many reasons. You can wear a mask if you’re driving with someone outside of your circles (this, even with a mask, it’s awful) or you can do what I do: Wear a mask when Drive as a reminder do not touch your face.

I’m at high risk so I’m very serious about not getting ‘Rona. From day one, I have memorized all of the Center for Disease Control recommendations. During the early days of the outbreak, I would even take off my clothes as soon as I was indoors and take a shower after any trips I had to do. After that, I bleached all the doorknobs I had touched along the way. Yes, I am the ‘warrior Rona.

Remember not to face? That’s a CDC recommendation favorite in the early days of the pandemic. Then we all got out damned Can’t help but touch your face. A British study shows that humans are touched their faces are in average 23 times per hour. Mainly addressed this issue in the media, although the CDC still recommends washing your hands before touching your face with the bold letters above. COVID-19 prevention tips website. Although we understand that the greatest risk to COVID-19 transmission is through the air, the CDC remains alert to surface transmission.

So I have a system: Even though I don’t wear a mask when driving to wherever I need it, I still wear it on my way back as a reminder to my bare face. I always use hand sanitizer when returning to the car and have disinfecting wipes for hard surfaces, but I don’t trust all that by thoroughly washing my hands in my safe space.

Now I know what you’re thinking: wearing a mask is annoying. This is a constant reminder of how bad things are lying directly on your beautiful face. That’s why it’s so useful. When I get behind the wheel and scratch my face or toss my hair back, I have this nasty intruder that forces me to consciously deal with an unconscious action. It reminds me a bit of middle school when I started painting my nails to stop my nail-biting habit. I don’t take off my mask until my hands are washed, making sure clean hands touch my face to remove the mask.

So sure, wearing a mask while driving can make road users think you’re weird, but who cares? You are hacking your own brain and stopping the spread of a terrible disease. I don’t mind looking like an idiot for that.

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