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How to celebrate the Blue Moon Halloween this year (As it only happens every 19 years)

The year 2020 proves to be full of exciting and rare events. Well, some of them are interesting anyway.

July has Neowise comet and double meteor shower, and now October is bringing us two Full of moons ̵

1; one of them is exceptionally spooky. It is called the blue moon, and it has nothing to do with wheat beer (or color).

Wait, what is the blue moon?

According to the Farmer’s Yearbook, a blue moon is an additional full moon in a given season (usually three, or 12 per year), or a second full moon in a month (since the moon cycle is usually 29 days). This phenomenon only happens about every two and a half to three years, so it is a fairly rare phenomenon. This year, the blue moon falls on October 31, Halloween, which happens only once every 19 years. OoOoh

Why is it called blue moon?

The Halloween blue moon will look no different, so don’t expect to see a bright blue orb in the sky. Its name, which has been around for hundreds of years, was originally used to refer to something absurd and ultimately meant an extremely uncommon event (you have heard the phrase “once in a while). blue”).

What about October other full moon?

While the Halloween blue moon is rare and fun, don’t miss this year’s harvest moon, which falls on Oct. 1. It’s bigger, fuller, and looks more orange than other moons (like a fruit pumpkin) and it grows a bit earlier, so you’ll get a chance to get some amazing Sky Moon Shots in the few days after it comes out.

When can I see the blue moon Halloween?

According to Space.com, the Halloween blue moon will reach its maximum or fullest at 9:49 am EDT. This will be the last monthly blue moon until August 2023, and since we only get this one chance, you know… don’t miss it.

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