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Horowitz: Why are public health ‘experts’ ignoring proactive ways to disable COVID-19 while drug advertising fails?

Why not teach people how to fortify their body against the risk I sure that it will happen exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus instead of selling them the vain promise of avoiding the virus without knowing how to deal with it? Why are politicians selling medical advice when the healthcare industry sells us as politics?

Currently, there is no effective way to stop the spread to either hide or run away from coronavirus. There is also no vaccine and no medicine is completely effective, especially for the most vulnerable. The best tool that we currently have is the effective treatment of early symptoms with inexpensive drugs and vitamins, especially when used as a preventive medicine. However, especially since it relates to the anti-malarial drug Hydroxychloroquine, it is still something our governments and media will stay away from, and in some states, even ban rather than promote.

In addition, it has been shown that vitamin D and zinc strengthen the immune system and help prevent serious illness. Every American knows they “need”

; to wear a mask and isolate themselves, despite the fact that these destructive measures have failed to stop the spread. What they weren’t told was stocking up on vitamins that have been shown to help fight viruses. The reason is because it empowers people rather than makes them submit. That is why so many physicians seem to be skipping the opportunity to give medical advice and are seizing the opportunity to give political advice and run our lives.

That’s why seven months after infection with this virus, people are still confused about the best way to boost their immune system or prevent early symptoms – or even what to look out for. initial symptoms. Our government formula is basically: “shut up, mask up and avoid getting infected with a virus that 60 million Americans may have, and if you get very sick, we’ll show you use Remdesivir and ventilator. “

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) COVID-19 pharmacological management protocol surprisingly recommends “no specific immunomodulatory or antiviral therapy” for those infected with Withdraw at an earlier or milder stage, or even with long hospitalization without additional oxygen. Only when they reach that stage and severity do the NIH recommend treatment. What is treatment? Remdesivir, Remdesivir and Remdesivir.

This tutorial is problematic on two accounts. It ignores all the promising studies behind the use of zinc, vitamin D and hydroxychloroquine before the disease becomes severe, and then opts for a treatment that has proven ineffective when it comes to too late. They either deliberately tried to endanger more lives to instill further panic or they were acquired by the major Pharmas.

First, even before using hydroxychloroquine as an inexpensive and effective treatment for the early stages of the virus, why does the NIH not educate the public about early and regular vitamin D use?

A new study, conducted at Marques de Valdecilla University Hospital in Spain, analyzed 216 patients hospitalized for the coronavirus to see if they had vitamin D deficiency. They found that 80% of them had lower vitamin D content than the similar demographic used as a control group that received regular vitamin D supplements. Interestingly, the study also found lower levels in men, which may explain why men seem to be at greater risk than women. A study in Italy found that low vitamin D levels also appeared to be associated with more severe cases among people in the hospital.

The role of vitamin D in reducing susceptibility to disease is so clear that a UK study from May found a remarkable correlation between the overall population’s vitamin D levels and mortality. COVID-19 by country. Belgium, which still has the highest mortality rate in Europe, has very low vitamin D levels, while all seeds in Scandinavia, which are good at fighting the virus, have the highest vitamin D levels in Europe.

In May, a doctor in New York, Dr. Eric Ascher, explaining the possible reasons for his city to be so badly affected, told the media: “I am more shocked when an illness people have normal vitamin D levels. ”

There are countless studies, almost unchecked, demonstrating the effectiveness of vitamin D as a prophylactic drug, along with vitamin C, Zinc and of course, hydroxychloroquine. In fact, 154 studies, 91 of which have been peer reviewed, have shown the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in early stage by COVID-19.

So why don’t Dr. Fauci and his friends at NIH tell people to replenish their bodies with these cheap drugs and vitamins in the first place and maybe even first? This was particularly striking when his own NIH, while he was the director of the entire agency in 2005, published an article on the effectiveness of this inexpensive drug against SARS-1.

Until mid-September, Fauci even mentioned vitamin D use, and it was a very weak, passive testimony to actress Jennifer Garner’s question.

Fauci about vitamin D answered Garner’s question on Instagram live September 10 on Instagram. And yes, a little vitamin C can be added if you want.

“So if people want at most a gram or two [of] Fauci said. That’s not really a resounding testimony to an active strategy supported by tons of research.

So why procrastination and reluctance to actively teach the public about boosting their immune systems?

Well, the correct answer is because these home remedies are so cheap and precisely because they want to push expensive drugs like Remdesivir. So what is the result after you charge hospitals (also called governments) $ 3,000 a time? Two weeks ago, World Health Organization scientists published a pre-printed study of the use of Remdesivir in 11,000 patients at 400 hospitals around the world. It is one of the largest clinical trials of COVID-19 treatment to date. Research shows it does not reduce mortality nor shorten the length of hospital stay.

According to the British Guardian, Gilead, the manufacturer of the drug Remdesivir, was aware of the WHO research results 10 days before the announcement, but still signed a € 850 million contract with the European Commission for 500,000 doses of the drug, Although the recipient of the drug is unknown. the results of this blockbuster clinical trial.

Although the same WHO study found hydroxychloroquine was ineffective in hospitalized patients, a recent Harvard study found that it was as effective as a preventive measure in reducing infections by up to 20%. . However, the FDA has canceled the drug’s approval. At the same time, the Science Journal reported this week that the FDA never consulted the Antimicrobial Drug Advisory Committee (ADAC) before approving Remdesivir on October 22.

The ADAC is a group of infectious disease clinicians, biostatistics physicians, and pharmacists that review data on experimental drugs and make recommendations to the FDA for their approval. Although they are not required to consult the commission, it is quite suspicious that the FDA has chosen to ignore them on this important matter.

So why do our “public health professionals” sell expensive drugs that fail at critical stages of the disease while there are proven effective ways to reduce the risk? muscle acquired that stage, and cheap? I hate to say that, but corporate cronyism is the least insidious answer to this question.

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