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Halloween, the full moon, change the time this weekend

(CNN) – This week is a kind of Hell Week, figuratively and literally.

Our demons are appearing. Campaign signs littered the streets of our neighborhood dotted with tombstones and fake murder scenes, and skeletons that this year felt a little more personal, have had a hanging death badger this year.

We all have spent months on a presidential election campaign and a global pandemic, and this Saturday feels like an emotional climax, a sick moment that marks a years of death and suspense. Halloween, the daylight saving time and full moon all arrange on a unique night.

While celebrations and Halloween have been cut this year due to physical alienation and fears of coronavirus spread, scholars say admits, if not fully celebrated, a night for the dead. Memory is a useful escape valve. It was a way to purify the feelings of the year before we announced our political intentions on November 3.

Allowing a bit of deliberate chaos in our spirits can be a good thing. As the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, “One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dance star”


Halloween night is also a full moon night

The tension of the story is tight, and all of this converging on a full moon night just makes this even more spooky.

“It was a difficult moment for many reasons. Even for those who don’t believe in the supernatural, we act as if we do. The metaphysical energy of the moment is enormous, ”said Regina Hansen, a master teacher in rhetoric at Boston University and co-author of“ Supernatural, Human, and Soul: On the Highway to Hell and come back ”.

Halloween is basically an opportunity to become a stranger in an unfamiliar land. For one night, you can live in a new person. That might mean a child’s dream of becoming an astronaut. You can live in a character that is braver, stronger or more criminal than you.

“All are tall, all are raised. There’s an almost magical feeling of freedom, ”she said. “Children control darkness. They go to the stranger’s house and ask, no, ask for candy. “

Or it could be a way of portraying the political satire message of going out as an undead version of a political figure you might want to deport.

That could mean wearing a bloody suit and tying and dividing your hair like a zombie politician (it was done). Taboo thought is punished, if only for one evening.

The full moon of Halloween this year is also the blue moon. Although the moon won’t actually look blue, the blue moon is only the second out of two full moons in the same month, happening every 2.5 to three years, or “once blue Moon”.

The full moon hits Halloween every 19 years, so, of course, come 2020 for one more rare feat. Take note of when the full moon rises on Saturday as it won’t happen again on Halloween in multiple time zones until 2039, 2058, 2077 and 2096.

Although the full moon has long been associated with our passion for madness and werewolves – the word “insane” comes from “moon” – there is no strong scientific evidence to suggest guilt. More committing happens when the pale ball hangs over our heads.

The data is being stacked, however, daylight saving times can create a bit of chaos. We have our lives adjusted and balanced with letters, and then we change our clocks to mess with order.

In August, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine released a statement arguing that daylight saving was abolished, blaming the biennial time zone deviation causing problems. harm to heart and mental health, as well as lead to drug errors and traffic accidents.

Eight states have formally passed legislation ending our clock-back ritual, and another 32 have bills pending.

There are many ways to get ahead and prevent yourself from making mistakes due to circadian rhythm changes.

“You already know it’s coming,” said AASM President Dr Kannan Ramar, a sleep medicine specialist at the Mayo Clinic, in an earlier CNN interview. “A few days to a week in advance, slowly moving your schedule over to that time frame will be very helpful.”

Halloween is physically distant

Although Halloween is a night to shake off your inhibitions, it is important that you find a way to do it safely during a pandemic.

“Really try not to gather indoors with people not in your home. Instead, focus on getting people outdoors, ”said Dr. Leana S. Wen, CNN Medical Analyst, an emergency doctor and visiting professor at the Milken School of Public Health. Said George Washington University Institute. “There are many creative ways to celebrate Halloween outdoors and are much safer.”

New coronavirus infections are increasing at a rate of nearly 70,000 new cases in the United States every day. According to data from Johns Hopkins, the seven-day average of new cases is the highest since the pandemic began.

Whether you have big plans for the weekend or not, it is valuable to take a moment to acknowledge this moment, reflecting our deep urge to fear of death. treatment, and then, live in spite of it.

Hansen, a literary scholar at Boston University, explains that a macabre celebration during a pandemic could mean curling up with a Stephen King novel or a favorite horror movie.

Or it could be one of her Halloween favorites, Ray Bradbury’s novel The Halloween Tree, about tricked kids to learn about the origins of the holiday. The story alludes to the children “just let the absolute joy of being alive and out this night pull their lungs and shape their throats into a scream… and a scream… and a yeeeellll! “

Right before a presidential election, it can be a bit confusing to draw the lines between Halloween, the full moon and changing times, all at the same time. But then again, maybe something was there.

“The fact that we look for chance says a lot about us as humans,” Hansen said. “It could mean there is a purpose for our suffering, or at least a structure.”

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