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Google is upgrading Search to make Find Live TV easier

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With the seemingly growing number of TV and cable services, just figuring out where to watch such an event or live show has becometheir own challenge. So in an effort to help minimize the noise, Google is upgrading Google Search with some new features to help you find live sports, show, and movie.

For NBA and MLB fans, finding a game will be as simple as typing something like, “Where to see the Clippers match” on Google Search. From there, Google will display a list of TV channels that are currently hosting the action. IIf you’re just looking for something like “The Dodgers Game”, along with typical Google results – but Includes information such as live scores, team fixtures and current standings—There will also be a new “Live” button that will display different viewing options.

While Google’s new search upgrades currently only work for basketball and baseball, Google says it plans to add more tournaments in the future. Furthermore, while Google mainly displays live TV channels at the moment, the company does also hope to bring in data soon highlight more digital streaming options.

For regular TV shows and movies, follow New suggestion engine added to Search Last year, Google added a new content carousel that shows live feeds from various TV and cable providers. These feeds have to be relatively up to date, so if you’re looking for something going on right now, chances are it’ll be featured in the carousel.

And Wwhen you search for programs on your smartphone use phrases like, “what to see“Or” great shows to watch, “Google Search provides information for both the live broadcast and the streaming option. On top of that, Google will even differentiate between what’s currently streaming and the upcoming show with the headlines ‘On TV Now’ and ‘On TV Later’, so if you’re trying to plan for one night Binge watching, you can find out what shows you might want to watch first.

While Google’s update to Search might not quite disappoint you to find places to watch live sports, or film (specially for wire-breakers may not have cables), it’s nice to see Google Search adapt better to our increasingly connected lives.

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