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Google includes HVAC monitoring in all Nest Thermostats

Earlier this year, Google began testing HVAC monitoring capabilities for Nest Thermostats. This feature is marked by the launch of the new Nest Thermostat and officially rolled out on all existing and current devices in the US and Canada.

Sometimes your HVAC system shows a warning sign that it is having problems. For example, if it takes longer than usual to cool your home, there could be a problem with your cooling system (AC). If your Nest thermostat detects these unusual or unwanted patterns, we may send you a notification email or a notification from the Home app.

Google frames heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) monitoring as a way for Nest Thermostats to “take care of your home.”

; It considers the estimated ambient and target temperature, as well as the predicted time to temperature.

We predicted the expected behavior and then looked for possible anomalies as potential performance problems with the HVAC system.

There are two types of notifications (email and app-based), starting with emergency alerts that “may require immediate attention”.

  • Your heating system cannot heat your home
  • Your A / C does not cool your home
  • Turn off the oven / Warning

Meanwhile, the income warning is an issue that “needs to be fixed soon”.

  • Your heating has briefly stopped heating your home several times
  • Your A / C system goes out of power many times quickly
  • Your A / C runs longer than expected
  • Reminder filter (based on run time)

If you have a Google Account, you can’t turn off HVAC emergency alerts sent through Home app notifications, although early alerts can be customized. After receiving the warning, the Nest Thermostat (or the application) can list the Nest Pro installed on your system. Google is expanding a partnership with Handy to make it easier to schedule maintenance appointments when something goes wrong. This service is available throughout the United States and regions of Canada.

In a blog post today, Google said the HVAC monitoring appeared as a “side project” two years ago in response to people thinking there was a problem with the Nest Thermostat instead of an issue. with their home.

When our customers have problems with HVAC, they will call us if there is a problem. We’re trying to help them troubleshoot and connect them to Nest Pro, but we want to do it more proactively.

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