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Good Falcons Takk McKinley after social networking boom

McKinley did not practice Thursday for the second day in a row and will not play this weekend as he continues to deal with a prolonged groin injury. After what the coaches determined to be a solid training camp and rest, followed by a strong display in the opening game against the Seattle Seahawks, McKinley was injured in the groin during the first half defeat by Falcons before Dallas Cowboys. Since then, injury has become a burden as he has appeared in only four games this season.

McKinley, included in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft, posted only one sack this season, making it his first defensive play against the Seahawks. Although McKinley is not training due to injury at the moment, Morris has not ruled out the possibility of being suspended. However, it is unlikely that Falcons will cut McKinley as that would deny the team a chance to receive a compensation in 2022 if he signed for another club in the free agency.

“There is always an option to pause and there is always an option to not play,”

; Morris said. “There is always an option for us to do everything we do. I know a lot of his money is guaranteed, but obviously we’ll talk to (group president) Rich (McKay) about that and go through the whole process. Obviously, we’ll talk to Takk and get the job done because we’re not going to sit here and talk about it through the press, the media or whatever you want to do. It is a conversation of one adult man with another adult man. “

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