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Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows on Apple Arcade is a cool strategy game

I don’t think anyone will call Game of Thrones – whether we’re talking about books or a TV show – a relaxing experience. It’s tense and uncomfortable, with many moments that make you wince. But the newest side video game, an Apple Arcade-exclusive game called Tale of Crows, there is a different vibe. It gives you one of the toughest jobs in all of Westeros, putting you in charge of the Shadow Police Team, guarding a giant wall in a dark, sad and dangerous area. However, despite this premise, the game has a cold feeling. It’s the kind you can choose for a few minutes just to clear your brain.

Tale of Crows The so-called idle game is the genre in which most things happen when you̵

7;re not actually playing. It’s like a more complicated Tamagotchi. Here, the idea is that you take on the role of the Commander in Chief of the Night Guard – you start as the first and last commander to take on the role of the next leaders over time – who Make important decisions and then wait and see the results. You will send rangers on expeditions to explore and solve home dilemmas and field requests from different kingdoms.

It played out a bit like a text adventure. The game has three main screens, each with a different function. There is a map where you can post search groups on various quests. That means crushing a furious uprising or investigating strange noises in a forest. You and your adventurers will send the crows back and forth; whenever they reach an important intersection – such as an insurmountable blizzard or a mysterious object – you’ll have to order them out. There is also a display of surrounding areas around the wall and another that acts as your home base. Here, you are constantly bombarded by questions and requests, dealing with everything from food shortages to the madness caused by magic.

All these decisions take time. When you send a crow to one of the ranger teams, you can’t help but wait for a response. The game doesn’t really tell you how long it will take, but you can track the progress from the map screen. Over the past few days, I signed up with Tale of Crows every hour or so, and there’s always something for me to do. It was a slow burn. Although the game is simple, the story unfolds with a steady rhythm, as you learn more about your brothers and allies as well as the many mysteries surrounding the wall. As an added bonus, you don’t even need to know much about Game of Thrones to enjoy it. Tale of Crows Good self-standing.

Although most of the game focuses on text and menus only, Tale of Crows extremely impressive in terms of visuals. It’s a whole new perspective on Westeros. Each area is displayed as a diorama less colored. It takes place places you may have seen many times before – whether during the lavish production of HBO or in your imagination while reading books – and transforms them into technical sculptures. pretty small number. It’s fun just moving them around with your finger on the touchscreen.

Tale of Crows not the kind of game that will keep you on for hours. You cannot fall in love with it. But it occupies a beautiful space; It’s a distraction for a few minutes at a time, but it’s also something to think about about the idle times of the day. And like Reigns: Game of ThronesIt’s a surprising yet compelling way to explore your world Game of Thrones. This was probably the only time supporting the White Walkers came to light.

Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows currently available to Apple Arcade subscribers.

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