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Four stars OL Rocco Spindler is committed to Notre Dame

Despite extremely strong push from Michigan, Penn State, LSU and Ohio State, CLarkston High School̵

7;s (Mich.) Four-Star Attack Guard. Rocco Spindler thank you on Notre Dame. This is a huge win for Fighting Ireland, as he is one of the top general players in his class in 2021.

Head coach 6-5 credited, 315 pounder class Brian Kelly and offensive line coaches Jeff Quinn because he is key in his recruitment, as he has had a great relationship with both coaches for a very long time. In addition, he also connects well with the attack coordinator Tommy Rees and special team coordinator / recruitment coordinator Brian Polian also.

According to the 247Sports Composite Ranking, Spindler is the number 48 general player in the US, the number 3 attacking defender on land and the number 3 player in Michigan since 2021. 247Sports lists him as the speaking player Jointly number 78 in the US, Guardians of the 5th attack on the mainland and number 4 to recruit in Michigan since 2021.

I first predicted Notre Dame Cathedral would land again on September 30, 2018. That was when I felt great that Fighting Ireland was the team that would beat. It looks like Notre Dame will eventually be the landing point. Almost a year later in August 2019 I felt as if this was a real 50-50 battle between Notre Dame and Michigan. Penn State ran away, but it looks like it will be a battle between Fighting Irish and Wolverines. With such a bounce, I decided to “Foggy” on the 247. Sports Crystal Ball. I was confident that there wasn’t a real leader at the time, so going back to the drawing board just meant means. On March 3, 2020, I felt as if it was the time when I had enough information to choose Notre Dame for the second and last time. I wanted to make sure this was my final guess, so I checked every possible source while making the call. Spindler’s relationship with the coaching staff, his comments on Kelly and Quinn, his interest in the show, his connection to his pledge to play for Fighting Irish, everything he does must be said towards Notre Dame Cathedral. Around the same time, 247Sports created the “Reliability Gauge” and I got 8 out of 10. Based on all that, my final prediction was Notre Dame.

Today, Spindler has officially selected Notre Dame. Irish Illustrated announced his decision about two weeks ago, but this was essentially done backstage over a month ago. Spindler knows where he wants to be and simply makes sure he won’t regret it when the day comes. He continued to speak with both the Notre Dame and Michigan coaches until a week before he made his announcement. He actually informed the Notre Dame staff earlier this week and let the coaches know during the Zoom call that he will be playing for Fighting Irish. Needless to say, the Irish coach was fired.

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