Far Cry is one of Ubisoft’s most popular gaming franchises, with most titles taking place in an open-world area where you battle rival factions for control. The fifth item was released in 2018, taking you into modern-day Montana as you battle an doomsday cult and it’s now available on Google’s Stadia streaming platform. Last year̵

7;s sub-title, New Dawn, also joined the party.

Far Cry 5 received positive reviews when it was first released, with the PC version standing at No. 78/100 on Metacritic. It was followed by last year’s spinoff, Far Cry: New Dawn, a shorter game that took place in the same area 17 years after the events of the first title. Both games popped up on Stadia today with little fanfare – Stadia’s official Twitter account hasn’t even mentioned them (yet).

Both games have a large amount of downloadable content, so there’s an additional version for each game that includes all DLCs available at a discount. Google is offering a massive 70% discount on all versions if you’re a Stadia Pro subscriber. Far Cry 5 for $ 12 is a big deal, considering the main story is around 25 hours, and there are plenty of side quests that keep you busy afterward.

Sadly, as some on Reddit have pointed out, both games are limited to 30FPS (regardless of resolution). That matches the frame rate limit on Xbox One and PS4 consoles versions, but one of the main advantages of Stadia is that it is supposed to scale hardware to fit the needs of per game.