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#Factsfirst: Jake Tapper, CNN’s double standard coronavirus of Trump and Biden rallies exposed

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has resulted in more than 230,000 deaths in the U.S. and legitimately dominated much of the news cycle for several months with CNN often using it to humiliate Trump conservatives and supporters. – but critics argue that the so-called “#FactsFirst” network takes a different approach when liberalists assemble into large groups.

“If CNN wants to gain broader trust and be heard about things like coronavirus, they should take their humiliating and humiliating measures of death and selfishness towards those who have come out. outside yesterday, ”NewsBusters Curtis Houck management editor told Fox News.



CNN has long been accused of “terrifying people” with round-the-clock coverage of the pandemic, complete with angry chyrons blaming the virus on President Trump, defaming any who were arrested without a mask and experts in disguise as scientists and doctors give hot advice about COVID -19.

CNN's Jake Tapper is not as harsh as discussing pro-Biden events amid the coronavirus pandemic like when he condemned Trump's rallies.  (Photo by Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for WarnerMedia)

CNN’s Jake Tapper is not as harsh as discussing pro-Biden events amid the coronavirus pandemic like when he condemned Trump’s rallies. (Photo by Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for WarnerMedia)
(Photo by Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for WarnerMedia)

But CNN’s concerns about the coronavirus pandemic appear to have been somewhat mitigated by Democratic candidate Joe Biden projected to be the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

On Saturday morning liberals flocked to the streets to celebrate that the race was called Biden and the network often labeled Trump rallies and White House ceremonies as events ” super spread “suddenly had little interest in the mid-pandemic major events.

CNN left-wing host Jake Tapper appears reluctant to come out on the pitch causing a nuisance to Biden supporters, who are celebrating in the streets on Saturday.

“We also see people wearing masks… mostly masks, they are not far from society. I don’t want to be scolded here but we’ve just had the highest day of infection in the US, ”Tapper told onlookers. “It’s good to see people wearing masks, for some people they are slipping off their faces, people also need to distance themselves from society, even though masks are meaningful, they’re something Which the doctor says is the most important. ”


Dana Bash replied: “But I can see Sanjay Gupta suffering from heartburn right now,” referring to the network’s lead medical reporter and Tapper agrees that a lot of public health officials probably have “sad” while watching the celebration.

“But, again, at least they’re wearing masks,” Tapper repeated.

The Tapper even particularly praised voters in his home country of Philadelphia.

“The people of Philadelphia, realizing their important role in this election, took to the streets to celebrate in the birthplace of freedom,” Tapper told Bash. “I’m sorry for the interruption. I have to greet my friends.”

Houck commented: “After the couple’s stoned moments admitted that the celebrations were in direct contrast to the guides, CNN quickly returned to marvel at the sight of so much partying on the streets. .

DePauw University professor and media critic Jeffrey McCall felt the coronavirus story had political significance from the outset.

“That doesn’t necessarily serve the interests of citizens, but it serves the interests of the shrill voices of the media and anti-Trump political opponents. Not criticizing the political crowds celebrating the weekend after condemning the ones during Trump’s campaign as dangerous only shows the political activists’ contradiction, ”McCall told Fox News .


McCall said: “When Tapper expressed his anxiety about being a ‘scold’, he basically acknowledged the different standards of coronavirus dangers displayed in the major media. system.

“As Tapper expressed concern about being ‘scolded’, he basically acknowledged the various standards of coronavirus dangers exhibited in the mainstream media.”

– Jeffrey McCall

Both Tapper and the network were outraged by a Fox News report indicating that CNN had taken Biden and Trump supporters to a different standard, defending themselves on Twitter with videos of anchors in support of claims they’ve sparked warnings about Biden supporters partying in the streets.

Tapper’s concerns about becoming a “scold” differ from his approach last month when he condemned President Trump for staging the protests. The anchor “State of the Union” ended its October 11 performance with a criticism against the president for staging mid-pandemic rallies that the Tapper labeled “super contagious” events. lan “.

“[Trump’s] Tapper told viewers last month. “One of President Trump’s skills in this era is behaving with little regard for basic courtesy who strive to maintain the standards of partisan accusations. As if ‘don’t behave in a reckless manner and show a contradictory attitude toward human life’ is somehow partisan matter. It’s not. ”

The Tapper later scolded Trump for “reckless behavior” related to the coronavirus and accused him of indulging his ego at the risk of a prolonged pandemic.


“Personally, Trump may have become the mediator … the president is engaged in actions that could lead to death.”

– Jake Tapper

“Personally, Trump may have become a vector of disease,” Tapper continued in his October speech. “He’s increasing the likelihood that other Americans will get it through organizing these reckless protests…. The president is engaged in actions that could lead to loss of life.

Political satirist Tim Young spent most of the pandemic traveling across America and talking to voters about their interest in a Washington Times project. Along the way, he noticed that “a lot of people see CNN as a joke and the PR wing of the Democratic Party.”

“CNN has made it clear time and time again that you cannot capture a COVID from anything on your left side,” Young told Fox News.

“CNN has made it clear over and over again that you cannot capture a COVID from anything on your left side.”

– Tim Young


Young pointed out that CNN calls Amy Coney Barrett’s endorsement at the White House a “super viral event,” but does not keep liberalists by the same standards.

“You can only catch COVID from Trump rallies, churches and small family gatherings like Thanksgiving and Christmas. When you attend a Black Lives Matter riots or a big celebration for Joe Biden, CNN is clear that you are immune to any and all airborne viruses, ”Young continued. “Meanwhile, when thousands of liberals scrambled across the streets of DC and New York for Biden’s unconfirmed victory, they weren’t enthusiastically condemning it. If it’s not double standard and biased, I don’t know what it is.

Around 24 hours after Biden was declared the winner, the thin-skinned Tapper changed his tone after being called hypocritical for how he lowered Biden’s pro-Biden celebrations versus words His harshness of Trump events.

As CNN panicked to maintain its credibility after being uncovered by Fox News, Tapper on Sunday morning asked the Biden Symone Sanders campaign senior adviser about the situation while reiterating that the parties were mostly masked.


“We have seen a lot of President-elect Biden’s winning celebrations on the streets of so many major American cities… I know, at least based on what we see on the screen, a lot of people in some of them were wearing masks, but not all are. , ”Said Tapper. “The CDC guidelines say, ‘Even if you wear a mask, you should avoid the crowd’, new coronavirus infections are turning sour … Is the incumbent President-elect Biden having to say It’s clear to supporters that crowds are a bad idea during this pandemic, even when people are wearing masks, and he understands that they want to celebrate but they shouldn’t spill onto the streets like that? “

Sanders claims that Biden will finally speak up on the matter, noting that Biden’s Saturday night speech had attendees in their cars and urged everyone to be safe and to wear masks.

Tapper then ended the interview without follow-up questions, as the celebrations supporting Biden were never considered “super viral” or “reckless” events.

CNN doesn't scold those who celebrate Democratic candidate Joe Biden's expected victory in the same way as they condemn Trump rallyers, according to critics.  (AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster)

CNN doesn’t scold those who celebrate Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s expected victory in the same way as they condemn Trump rallyers, according to critics. (AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster)

Meanwhile, Tapper is hardly alone in criticizing Trump, his supporters and other non-liberals for staging mid-pandemic rallies:

Former New York Times reporter and author Alex Berenson, who has been a blatant critic of the COVID lockout, feels hypocritical behavior is ‘obvious’ and shouldn’t surprise anyone at the time. this.


“It is ridiculous for those who are complaining that Trump is putting his supporters at serious risk of defaming Biden’s fans. Especially when in the next breath they try to scare people with the news that the cases (tested positive) have reached new highs. We’ve seen a lot of the-for-is-no-give rules this year, and here’s another example, ”Berenson told Fox News.

CNN even investigated 17 of the Trump campaign rallies to determine if host counties saw the coronavirus spike following the event. It remains to be seen if the free net conducts thorough polls on the aftermath of the Biden victory celebration.

Fox News’s Joseph A. Wulfsohn contributed to this report.

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