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Eddie Vedder shares the rock star’s hilarious advice he gave Bradley Cooper before ‘A Star Is Born’

“Well, I think sometimes the guitar is a little taller. It looks more like a brassiere,” added the rock star.

As for the end result, Vedder did not expect much. “If you’ve really thought this through, because you have to have a talk and say, ‘Look, there are some movies on the internet, some movies out there about rock’ n roll. None of them get it right. You are “putting yourself in the shoes here. I don’t think anyone can. ”

“I’ll admit the first time he asked if we’d come down to see it, along the way, I was thinking of ways I could uniquely disappoint him, you know?” he continued. “I want to be honest, but how do I …? So I was a little worried. And I tell you, when I saw it, I just ̵

1; I just got blown away. It just took me.” there, and what can he do with his eyes and what [Cooper and Lady Gaga] did it together and then Sam Elliott. It really got me there. I’m chilling right now. “

In the interview, Vedder also remembers his friend Chris Cornell, who died of suicide in 2017. “I had to deny it somewhat,” he said after pausing his feelings. “One way I can even do it, and I don’t think I have a choice. It’s like, I’m scared of where I’ll go if I allow myself to feel what I need to feel or. what I instinctively want to feel or how dark I feel.Because I haven’t seen him very often in the past 10 years, maybe just like four or five times and usually at a performance Actor or something, I’m just sort of – I haven’t quite worked on it yet. “

“I will become stronger as time goes by,” he continued after stopping, “but we were close, and not just because we played music. We were neighbors, they were. I’ll do it – I’ll hang out with him out of the band even more than the band members, and I don’t know that many people are in Seattle. So we’ll go on walking adventures. frantic long distance either we go mountain bike or we will chase the dog in the rain drinking –ty beer.It’s great, because it has nothing to do with anything like being around these Other music people or some kind of LA life. “

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