Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Springsteen and Pink all have criticized the Trump administration̵

7;s response to the George Floyd protests and the global pandemic.


Celebrities are still talking about the weekend election that sees Joe Biden win the 2020 presidential race.

In an Instagram post, Dwayne Johnson explained “it was a bit emotional” after hearing Saturday’s results.

“Man’s tears of course. I could have cried one or two or 10 tears,” he said and explained that he cried over what he felt his vote represented. my little girl My vote represents humanity. My vote shows my dignity … And my vote for me also shows the importance of being a good person. “

In an interview on MSNBC Sunday, Eva Longoria said, “Women of color show a lot. Of course, you’ve seen in Georgia what Black women did, but the Latina women are the real heroines here. Beating men to vote in every state and voting for Biden / Harris by an average of almost three to one. “

After being criticized for her comments, the 45-year-old actress apologized.

“I am very sorry and sad to hear that my comments on MSNBC could be attributed to the credit of black women,” she tweeted. “When I say that Latinas are heroines in this vote, I simply want to say that they came out in greater numbers and voted more progressive than LATINO MEN.”

She continued, “My words are not clear and I deeply regret that, there is such a history in our anti-Black community and I will never want to contribute to that.”

Alyssa Milano shared multiple tweets about Sunday’s election, including backing the voting process and results.

“Any politician can say whatever they want, but the voters said and handed us a new president. Now, formal processes will be underway according to the rules of the law.” laws, as states continue to count votes, verify election results and send electors to DC in December, “she wrote with the hashtag #VotersDecided.

She also discussed her response to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ speech on Saturday night.

“I had a lot of trouble trying to articulate my feelings when I saw @KamalaHarris come out on stage last night in her miserable white power suit. She made me breathe,” Milano write. “I cried. It was not tears of heartbreak or fear. It was tears of hope for the future.”

She continued, “They shed tears of what my daughter could strive for if she wanted to choose that path. That trace of possibility would be blown by an extraordinary woman. Tears of love. love, hope and strength. “

Mark Ruffalo also commented on the claims of the “malfunctioning” voting system.

“It’s all a fake. The whole Republican game is a fake. Say the well is poison, then poison the well,” he tweeted.

Mariah Carey shared the video of people celebrating Biden’s victory with her song “All I Want for Christmas Is You”.

“Seeed this last night in our own memories! Let’s see this and share this happy and happy feeling with all of you !! Let’s remember to keep it safe so we have! can really have a BEST Christmas, “she wrote.

Trey Songz tweeted a prayer emoji while sharing a post about Trump’s US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

“This is a win for the kids. It’s a win, right here,” shared user @ eXplicito63, Songz replied. “This woman is doing everything in her power to destroy public education.”

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