Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have been criticized, including from President Trump, for a video urging Americans to vote.


Duchess Meghan of Sussex has one first to add to her resume: She was the first member of the British royal family to vote for the president in an American election.

Former Meghan Markle, an American citizen, attended the ceremony every four years, according to someone close to the situation but was not allowed to speak publicly.

No details have been released as to when and where the royal duchess, 39, voted, although it may have been at home. So far, there have been no pictures showing her in line at a local polling station near her new Southern California home in Montecito, Santa Barbara County.

But it would be a surprise if she did Not voted, assuming she and her husband Prince Harry, 36, spent some time before the November 3 election urging Americans to register and vote.

Harry is a citizen of the UK so he cannot vote, but Meghan can.

She took her first steps into this year’s elections, video calling in August to an online nonpartisan voter registration campaign co-chaired by former first lady Michelle Obama,whom she calls “my friend.”

“There are 75 days left until the election, which is close, but there is so much to do in that time,” she said. “We all know what’s at stake, I know it, and so do you … We have to do everything we can to make sure all women hear their voices. .. If you are complacent, you are complicit. “

While she’s not saying which candidate she is backing, it is said that, given her previous critiques of President Donald Trump, that she probably won’t vote for he.

The UK tabloids, among those with the biggest voices in the choir of Sussex critics, are certainly not delusional, and criticize both Harry and Meghan for allegedly interfering. into American politics, which should not be for royals at home.

A Republican congressman from Missouri asked the British government to strip Harry and Meghan’s titles for “interfering” in the election by trying to influence voters.

By performing her civic service, Meghan was the first member of the British royal family to vote for president in the US. Even though she and Harry gave up the royal role to work senior in March and agreed to quit using the word “royal” in their activities, they kept it official, according to his grandmother. Hoang Elizabeth II.

As is customary when it comes to Meghan, one has compared to Wallis Simpson before, also a divorced American, who married former King Edward VIII in 1937 after he abdicated to marry her. . The royal family was furious at his betrayal of his duties, his brother, the new King George VI, turned down the “Her Royal” title to Wallis, so she was never officially royal. nor are they accepted as members of the royal family.

This is an insult that the couple, known as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor after their marriage, never forget and never forgive.

Even so, it is not clear whether Wallis Simpson voted in an election in America, before or after her marriage to the former king. After 1928, just eight years after women had the right to vote in America, Wallis spent the rest of his life living in England, France or the Bahamas, only occasionally returning to America to visit.


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