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9 against Detroit Lions-Minnesota Vikings, and predict who will win. Filmed on November 6, 2020.

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Join Free Press sports writer Carlos Monarrez for live scores, game-by-match and analysis updates from Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings at 1pm Sunday at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

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[ Matthew Stafford being evaluated for concussion after leaving game vs. Vikings ]

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Live updates

3:57 pm: The Vikings delivered the ball from the corner and the Lions took the lead from their 10th with 1:55 remaining. The Vikings won it at 4th and 1st place from number 10 but the Cousins ​​toppled Thielen in the last area. After Cook took the 200th plunge, he made way for the almost effective Alexander Mattison. The Vikings started in their 33rd and the Mattons ran 14 yards and then 18 yards to Detroit 21.

3:41 pm: Daniel beat Ho Chickenon for a 2-yard pass to cut Vikings’ lead to 34-20 with 6:55 remaining. It appears on the first play of the drive. The lion’s defense was forced to play three shots, Romeo Okwara blocked Vikings’s slit and Cephus returned the ball to Minnesota 4. After a penalty from Vikings, Lions won the ball at 2 with 6: 58 left.

3:34 pm: Daniel made an intercept in the second game of play, handing the ball to Vikings in the 39th minute, remaining 10:05. The race starts at Detroit 13. After hitting Amendola to get 28 yards, Daniel throws deep at Ho Chickenon and is picked up by Harrison Smith.

3:21 pm: The Vikings finished well with Cook’s 70-yard run to give Minnesota a 34-13 lead with the remaining 10:42. It was the first play of the drive. Defensive strike John Penisini was the only one who almost managed to stop Cook.

3:26 pm: Prater’s 45-yard goal gave Vikings a 27-13 lead with 11:02 remaining in the fourth half. With time running out, the Lions performed their rapid attack. Swift turned a 19-yard shovel pass for Vikings. 28. Stafford had to leave the match to check for a concussion after he had been hit on the head. Chase Daniel faced second and 14 but was unable to make a successful transformation first.

3:21 pm: The Lions defense rebounded after a Stafford pick. They were forced to take another three after Marcus Trufant knocked out Cousins ​​in his first driving game to lose 8 yards. In third and tenth place from Vikes’ No. 20, the Cousins ​​pass to Jefferson only went seven yards. After a brief match and returning to the brief Amendola, the Lions took over from 31st place with 14:35 remaining in the fourth quarter.

3:12 pm: And another strike was thrown by Stafford. This time, Stafford threw a ball to defender Eric Kendricks at the back of the field in a pass to Ho Chickenon. The Vikings won the ball in the 20th minute with 50 seconds left in the third half.

3:08 pm: The Lion’s defensive and special teams responded to Stafford’s mistake by hitting a huge three-out and then an Austin Bryant interceptor. The Vikings recovered, but the Lion won the ball in Minnesota 22 with 2:59 remaining in the third half. It was the second match of the Lion in two weeks.

3:05 pm: A play after he kept his track, Stafford made a terrifying intercept in the middle of the field and was caught by defender Eric Wilson. The pass is dedicated to Ho Chickenon. Wilson returned the 16-yard option to the Vikings ’28 with 4:42 remaining in the third inning. The Lions started at number 25 and almost dodged the barbs when Amendola gained two yards in a jet sweep on the third and second turn. The lions got 31 yards to pass the 16-meter ball to Marvin Jones and a 15-meter penalty for Harrison Smith for bowing during the ball. That caused the Lions to fail for the first time at Minnesota 34. Stafford had a fantastic time and beat Hall to hit 14 yards in his third and 10 goals from Viking ’34.

2:52 pm: Cook threw a 1-yard pass to Irv Smith to give Vikings a 27-10 lead with 7:50 remaining in the third half. The Vikings almost won three and lost, but in Vikings’ third and fifth game from day 28, Jefferson beat Amani Oruwariye on the sidelines to take 35 yards against Detroit 37. Cook was followed by 12 yards. In the third and sixth half of the 21st minute, the defense could not find a stop when Oruwariye was called upon to interfere with Jefferson’s pass at number 3.

2:43 pm: The Lions won three and lost when Amendola defeated Amendola easily opened the scoring in the second and fourth match from Detroit 18. In the third down, Stafford overthrew Amendola. Fox’s 56-yard strike and great coverage by Mike Ford and Justin Coleman for the 3-yard second-leg loss resulted in Vikings starting their 23 with 11:59 left.

2:38 pm: The Lions defense stopped Vikings in the first leg of the second half when Cousins ​​made a fatal mistake and received a late-match penalty for trying to beat the Lions at goal. 3rd and 6th from Minnesota 34. It cost five yards in Vikings and his next pass to Rudolph was only eight yards away. After Britton Colquitt’s 51-yard hit, the Lions will start on 12 with 12:50 remaining in the third half.

2:19 pm: Half time. The Lions trail, 20-10, but the stats aren’t too far away. The Vikings took the lead in net number, 243-208. In the rushes, the Lions actually took the lead, 94-74. Stafford is 16 out of 18 for 114 yards and one touch down. Cousin is 9 out of 11 with 2 ground touches. The wild indicator, mainly due to the struggling Lion’s defense, is time owned, where the Lion leads: 20:33 to 9:27.

2:16 pm: Former Lions running back Ameer Abdullah scored in a catch at 22 yards and ran to make it 20-10 for the Viking team with 15 seconds remaining in the second half. The Vikings started their race with 1:15 remaining from their 13 after a fantastic stop ahead of Miles Killebrew’s KJ Osborn returnee. The big play happened when Cook beat Collins on a runway and won 29 yards to get to Detroit 35.

2:06 pm: Marvin Jones scored in a 15-yard tackle to take the Viking’s 13-10 lead with 1:19 remaining. Stafford makes a nice pass to rookie Quintez Cephus at a distance of 20 meters into Minnesota territory, approaching number 43 of Vikings. In 3rd and 6th place on 26th, TJ Ho Chickenon delivered an amazing catch from 11 meters. A pass to the middle of Stafford was poked by Eric Wilson but Ho Chickenon was still able to catch the ball. The eight-time round spanned 72 yards and lasted 3:52.

1:52 pm: The lions’ defense finally got the table. The Vikings started their 21st year and the Lions were almost forced to take three and lose. But in the third and 10 minutes, Cousins ​​threw a short pass to Cook, who beat Jamie Collins to reach 17 yards. But in the third and second match from the “ 46 ”, Everson Griffen gave the Cousins ​​pass to Rudolph. After the comeback game at 21 yards of Amendola, the Lions will start on the 28th with 5:11 remaining in the second half.

1:43 pm: Prater turned into a 23-yard goal with 8:21 remaining in the second half to reduce Vikings’ lead to 13-3. But it was another disappointing drive for the Lions, who couldn’t get into the bottom area from the 8-yard line after three tries. Stafford’s pass gave Swift 5 yards and reached the halfway mark. In the third and back goal, Peterson shot 4 meters away. The longest match was Stafford’s 12-yard pass to Amendola to the Vikings. 8. The lions went 70 yards in 15 turns at 8:05.

1:27 pm: Cousins ​​beat Irv Smith with a 9-yard pass for a touch and led 13-0 with the remaining 1:26. Dan Bailey takes the outswinging corner. The Vikings started in the year 36 and marched quickly and easily again. The cousin linked with Adam Thielen opened up in the middle of the pitch in an action pass at 30 yards to Detroit 14. The Viking team went 64 meters in five innings in 2:41.

1:22 pm: Matt Prater struggled to get it again after he shot left a shot from 46 yards and 4:07 left. It was a disappointing ride that started well but ended when Stafford was sacked in 3rd and 5th place from Minnesota 19. The race started at Lions ’25 following Marvin Hall’s back on the field. The lions avoided the treble as Adrian Peterson showed good vision by making a cut to his left in the third and first half to win 4 yards over Detroit 38. The Lions were Headed into midfield thanks to Stafford’s 13-yard pass. Danny Amendola. D’Andrew Swift won 16 yards against Minnesota 24 in a vigorous run with the patience to run behind his blocks.

1:12 pm: The Vikings score on Dalvin Cook’s 5-yard run to take a 7-0 lead with 10:39 left in the first half. It was the first lane touch that Lions allowed this season, but the boy made it look easy. The Vikings overcame the Lion’s defense like a piece of Swiss cheese on a 67-yard driveway, which took just 2 hours 32 minutes. Dalvin Cook takes the lead with a shot 13 meters away in the middle. Kirk Cousins ​​hit Kyle Rudolph to reach 22 yards and then he hit Justin Jefferson, who beat Okudah deep to take 22 yards for Detroit 5.

1:05 pm: The lions started to strike and won three goals after a short pass to Danny Amendola 1 yard in the third and second half. Matthew Stafford, who was removed from the reserve / COVID-19 this morning, It started off by passing a deep pass to Marvin Hall. Stafford missed out on a week of practice and was limited to virtual meetings. After Jack Fox’s blow, the Vikings started at the age of 33.

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