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Debra Messing says she’s “too thin” in will and grace

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“I stand next to all the other actresses the size of me, and I feel fat, and I feel ugly.”

You might know Debra Messing from her iconic role above Will & Grace or she * into my soapbox * GONE-SO-SOON fan’s favorite show, Break.

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Not to mention The Mysteries of Laura!!! Am I the biggest Debra Messing fan in the world ?? Maybe.

Anyway, the 51-year-old man recently spoke to Jameela Jamil on her podcast I weighand revealed that she was struggling with her body image while filming Will & Grace in the 90s.

“When I started Will & Grace, “she started,” I was size eight and what happened was, every time I went to try on, I couldn’t get dressed. Eighty percent of them I couldn’t fit in, and I would just hate my body and hate myself. “

“I love my costume designer. She will always say,” Don’t worry “, and she’ll talk to her assistant and say,” OK, you can call over and get a size. is it bigger? “And that’s what keeps repeating,” she added.

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“Of course, I thought, ‘My life will be a lot easier, and people trying to get their jobs done will be easier if I lose weight.’

“So I started doing yoga every day and I did one of those meal delivery services. I started younger and then I was 6, and they said, ‘You’re losing weight, look you. great! ‘”continued.

Debra went on to explain that, in addition to participating in the show, walking on the red carpet contributed to her feeling the pressure to lose more weight.

I was lucky enough to be invited on the red carpet of the Emmys and Golden Globe Awards, and that was the same time Ally McBeal was at the top and Calista [Flockhart] The “It” girl and Portia de Rossi are also very slender – and she speaks openly about her anorexia – so it’s all on the same subject. I’m going to try to fit these gowns and of course they’re not a sample size, and it’s like, “Okay, we have to cut the seams, etc”

“This is arguably the best time of my life, being nominated for Best Actress in a TV show I love for the Emmy Awards, and stepping on the red carpet,” the actor to speak. , and then I stood next to all the other actresses that were half my size, and I felt fat, and I felt ugly. “

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“I’m too skinny… but, you know, wearing those clothes, I fit into everything… I can really fit anything in high fashion. So suddenly, everything seemed to open up to me, because I was a 2 year old.

“I look back at those pictures and I’m so beautiful! I’m sorry that that’s my interpretation of reality, and it’s the torture I went through on my own.”

Photo Time & Life / LIFE Photo Collection past

Ugh, I wish society didn’t make it so hard for us to accept our wonderful selves.

Then, now and forever, you are a splendid queen !!

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