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David Letterman on the Low Score of Donald Trump’s Presidency

Currently the host of Netflix’s “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction”, Letterman also predicts Trump will lose heavily this week.

Regardless of the (ostensibly) 2020 Presidential Election coming to an end this week, many Americans will surely be relieved that one of the most tumultuous election cycles in US history is coming to an end. That includes David Letterman, who recently gave a wide-ranging interview for Vulture, not only learning about the election but also his famous new chat show on Netflix, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction ”, recently revealed a second season. During the conversation, Letterman was asked to recall what he believes Donald Trump’s presidency so far.

“Well, I̵

7;ll let you know when it actually started when he declared that the press was the enemy of the people,” mentioned Trump’s comments that came in early 2017 on Twitter, shortly after. when he took office and was just one of the many rage when “fake news”.

“And to me, this is like something you hear from Venezuela, when Hugo Chávez is running that country,” Letterman continued. “I thought, ‘This is not true.’ Even ignorant people like me know that this is not true. The press is not the enemy of the people. People’s journalism education. Newspapers informed people. Newspapers do hard work for people who don’t need to know every single thing that is going on because the media is doing it for them ”.

Trump, who has had a hostile relationship with the press for decades, has repeated such comments many times both in public and on his Twitter account. (As reported by the New York Times, this time last year alone, Trump used the term NYT pointed out that is commonly used by autocrats 36 times on Twitter.)

Letterman went on to say, “So to be single [the press] To be everyone’s enemy, that’s when I really thought, ‘Oh my God.’ As we all know, things got worse. But I’m tired of criticizing the president. I’m tired of criticizing the government. I’m tired of whining and squeezing my hands. I think this man is a bully, and the bullies scare people. But just by voting, I think that will be the end of it. Then I think real fun will begin – to see what happens after this work is done under his command. “

Letterman also added that Trump’s possible disappearance after November 3 “would be a relief to every creature in this country, whether they realize it now or not. It will definitely be a relief for me and my family, and I think population in general. I’m more confident now than I was then and then I was quite confident. I’m wrong. I don’t think I’ll be wrong this time. ”

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