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Daryl Morey explains why the Rockets go in a small futuristic style with the Sixers

The Philadelphia 76ers did a massive hiring when they brought Daryl Morey as their new Basketball Operations President over the weekend. It was a shocking move for most people as their roster didn’t exactly shout “Morey Ball”.

During Morey’s time with the Houston Rockets, much of the team’s time went very little to keep up with the times. The tournament was judged on the ability to shoot guns and run and shoot guns and the Rockets took that idea and they magnified it to 1,000. The Sixers are a team based on their size led by Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons along with Al Horford upline.

“We played the way we played in Houston because it̵

7;s the best way to use the talent we have in Houston,” he explained. “Doc (Rivers) knows how to win better than I do, to be honest, he’s one round ahead of me. He will find the best way to use it. It doesn’t have to be three, it might be in transition. “

The 2020 version of the Rockets used Robert Covington 6 foot 7 high in the center and PJ Tucker 6 foot 5 in front and the team launched 45.3 attempts from deep each game. The Sixers are clearly a big team and they averaged only 31.6 attempts from outside the arc. That doesn’t shout “Morey Ball”, especially with the Embiid in the middle, but Morey wants to set a direct record above all else.

“The goal is not to shoot 3 pointers. The goal is to win, ”he said. “You can score when you attack in many different ways. Joel happened to be one of the most effective defenders in the tournament. I got a question in Houston like ‘What would you do with Shaq?’ My answer was ‘I’ll give Shaq the ball 100 times a game’. Joel is a talent at both ends. “

As of right now, the Sixers are not the preferred contenders to win trophies in 2021. However, they have a lot of talent and Morey has a history of being creative about how his teams won. win. They will have to do their best both night and night to make sure the tournament takes them seriously.

“I started with championship probability and would basically work back from there,” Morey explained. “In a period of 1-3 years, we are basically not considered one of the most popular candidates out there right now. I think we all feel very good about the squad and the fact that with a healthy Joel and a Ben Simmons and a team Doc is coaching, we feel that everyone is underestimating the Sixers right away. now. We need to go out there and prove it. ”

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