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Daily Schmankerl: The consequences of Bayern Munich’s 6-2 win over RB Salzburg; Bayern are interested in Zenit midfielder Daler Kuzyaev?; Chelsea and Liverpool are eager for David Alaba; and more!

Bayern Munich’s 6-2 win over RB Salzburg in the Champions League was a vibrant and compelling one as they saw the two teams use their respective attacking powers and tit for tat in almost 80 minutes for until the Bavarian side dominated the game. Here are some quick facts about the match:

  • That game was very … fun. Very happy. The back-and-forth match between the two teams is a thrilling game to watch, especially early in the match. I absolutely love the way Jesse Marsch coaches his team. They know what their strengths are and push them right there at Bayern Munich – just ask the Bavarian team to try and match them. Of course, Bayern Munich has done all that and more, but it̵
    7;s amazing to see a team using the ‘no prisoners’ philosophy against the worst team in the world. As they said in Office Space, “You can kick someone’s …” (you know the rest). RB Salzburg had at least one change.
  • As everyone will tell you, this game is a lot closer to the indicator line. It was just a superb display of RB Salzburg’s bold and aggressive attacking play.
  • If there was a player who liked this style of play, it was Leon Goretzka who unfortunately missed the game. His ability to dribble and play attacking will be a huge asset for the Bavarians in this match. Not offending Corentin Tolisso – he has his own good qualities – but this game is tailored for Goretzka.
  • Leroy Sane was late, but managed to do this:
  • I thought Robert Lewandowski was really good that day. Sure Hitman from Poland got a brace, but his movement across the strike zone became an absolute weapon. It seems there are two Space interpreter on the field sometimes.
  • Jerome Boateng has officially returned, right? This veteran defender’s performance as his 79th-minute goal opened the flooding streak for Bayern Munich. Overall, Boateng is the best defender for Bayern Munich and goes one step further in convincing the management that they should extend their contract with the 32-year-old.

  • Lucas Hernandez had a good mix, but he and Benjamin Pavard were sometimes awkward in defense. Pavard did not play well in all matches and was not like himself.
  • However, Hernandez ended his day with this rocket:
  • RB Salzburg midfielder Dominik Szoboszlai did well on the whole, but faded slightly towards the end. Playing with a power club he was previously affiliated with may have frustrated the 20-year-old a bit, but the boy is a talent. It will be interesting to see where he ends up. Likely not coming to Bayern Munich because of the flawed midfield, but he has the potential to be an impact player on a top-tier team.
  • It may not be Manuel Neuer’s most effective effort, but the goalkeeper only continues to play when Bayern Munich needs him most.
  • Overall, it was not Bayern Munich’s best performance. Sometimes, the Bavarians stand on their heels and look wobbly, but they gather their wits and keep punching. That’s what champions do even when they feel a little overwhelmed.
  • This match is a good setup for Borussia Dortmund’s potential strategy. If Lucien Favre decided to let his sons run in the Bayern Munich backline, Hansi Flick’s squad had a warm-up. The only difference is that Dortmund will do it with much more talented players.

If you missed out on our bonus or match watch, check out them:

Since FC Barcelona and Real Madrid may (arguably) no longer have an interest in David Alaba, it seems Chelsea are engaged in the competition with Liverpool and Manchester City. According to The Express, “Chelsea and Liverpool are said to be interested.”

Liverpool’s desire to bring back Alaba has been rumored for a long time and Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola is most likely interested in his ex too, but this is the first time we’ve heard that Chelsea may want to offer a bid.

Wisely, Alaba is capable of making the biggest impact for Chelsea as he will automatically become the best defender on the team. The ace, however, is if Alaba uses his position as a star player to attack Chelsea’s already crowded midfield.

Personally, I think Alaba’s worth (both in terms of money and as a player) would drop if he insisted on playing in midfield.

Well … here’s something we’ve never heard before: “Agent” Alan Aguzarov spoke of the club that FC Zenit Saint Petersburg midfielder Daler Kuzyaev could move in during the transfer window. Amazingly, one of them is … Bayern Munich? And it will happen if not for that irritable Michaël Cuisance “failed” his medical exam with Leeds United.

“They wrote that I was the representative of Daler, but this is not entirely true. I am not his agent, but I provide some assistance to the Kuzyaev family and am in contact with his father Adyam, ”Aguzarov said as he stated his case why he should be considered a legitimate source of information.

Aguzarov then dropped this bomb:

The Munich side could have signed Daler if their player was [Michaël Cuisance] did not fail the medical test at the Premier League club.

Kuzyaev, a 27-year-old central midfielder, will be one interesting sign – if this report is true. Assuming (** assuming HUGE **) that there is at least some truth to this (** likely not **), it looks like Kuzyaev will be a veteran reserve for the depth.

However, this is more likely to be a complete fabrication.

An agent … made up a story ??? It is possible never happening.

Serge Gnabry has given some credit to Thomas Müller for the team’s top performances:

I wonder if the German team can use anyone like that?

Thiago Alcantara’s father told the story of how he helped clear the way for Rafinha Alcantara to go to Paris Saint-Germain after Thiago chose Liverpool. Mazinho (Iomar do Nascimento) frankly explained how he helped convince PSG’s Sports Director, Leonardo Araújo, of his young son’s qualities.

“I talked to Leonardo a while ago, but that was for Thiago,” recalled Mazinho. “Leonardo wanted to sign him with PSG, but Thiago has found an agreement with Liverpool. Then we talked about Rafa but he was not part of Leonardo’s plan at the time. I think he must have thought about it, that he realized the nature of opportunity and that it would be a coup if he signed him. When he started talking again (the day before the end of the window), Leonardo changed his mind. And everything accelerates on the last day. It was on Monday we had to work hard to convince both clubs. We were scared, but thanks to God, five or six hours ahead of time we got an agreement. Leonardo wants Thiago, he has Rafinha. And for Rafa, it was a dream of joining such a club.

Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar is said to be very tired waiting for FC Barcelona to rescue him:

Despite having been close to joining Barcelona FC for a long time, the Brazilian winger / striker and resident PSG star Neymar (28 years old) are reportedly planning to extend his stay. as a giant French player.

According to AS, the former Barça star has practically finished waiting for the Blaugrana to make the appropriate move, and notes that the ongoing financial predicament of the Spanish giants, is likely to be The extension talks with PSG soon begin, which will make it easier for the club to part ways with their other main name, Kylian Mbappé.

And we think Alaba’s situation is a story … Neymar’s absurdity seems to have been going on since the day he signed for PSG.

Amidst the frenzy of leaning towards Bayern Munich vs RB Salzburg, Lewandowski took a moment to honor Gerd Müller. Of course, Müller is slowly losing his fight against Alzheimer’s, but the Polish assassin wants to show his appreciation for the man many consider to be one of the best. used to do it.

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