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COVID-19 claims two more lives in Walla Walla County | Coronavirus

As cases continue to rise in Walla Walla County, health officials on Thursday announced two residents died after testing positive for COVID-19.

One man is in his 60’s and the other in his 80’s, officials said.

As of 10:30 am, the number of COVID-19 confirmed was 354 active cases, 12 current related hospitalizations, nine deaths and a total of 1

,408 people.

Walla Walla County Public Health Officer, Dr. Larry Jecha, said on Thursday that the rise in local cases was mainly for two reasons: increased social gatherings and people Spend more time indoors with less air moving.

He admits people are questioning the possibility of the county being pushed out of the Phase 2 reopening and going back to Phase 1 of Governor Jay’s “Safe Start” four-step plan. Inslee with the recent increase in the number of COVID-19.

“But you look at where the cases are going. It’s not in businesses or stores, it’s not where it’s spread, ”said the physicist.

“We are seeing house gatherings, and if you go back to Stage 1, you won’t change anything.”

Jecha said that while school districts had the power to decide to reopen, infections were not found in those facilities.

Like its viral brethren, COVID-19 is “a game of ball change” and has moved from disease and killing the elderly to infecting younger, less vulnerable groups than possible. withstand the health attacks that viruses can bring, he said.

“So is the pandemic … it hit nursing homes in the first place and we have had a lot more deaths.”

Careful protections are giving way to fatigue for some in Walla Walla County and elsewhere. He pointed out that it is human nature to want to integrate into society.

“People are talking about visiting relatives from abroad and people think that since they are friends they don’t need to wear masks.”

Next week will see any increase in numbers instances from Halloween activities, Jecha said.

“We’re holding our breath about that.”

COVID-19 is not the only disease on the rise, he added.

“This is when we see a lot of respiratory ailments, in early fall. And then we go to the winter flu. ”

Despite the recent increase in cases here and elsewhere across the country, Washington is in better shape than many states, Jecha said.

“You look at states that have no concealment policy, it makes a difference. It is not public health, but people’s behavior will help us get out of this situation ”.

In the Umatilla district, officials said Thursday morning an additional 26 people had confirmed cases of coronavirus infection. That brings the county’s total number of cases to 3,556, including 45 related deaths.

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