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Costco Black Friday 2020 – Advertising and promotions of Costco Black Friday

If you have a Costco membership, this might be the place to go for groceries – and free samples (back, yay!). However, if you’re just buying groceries from Costco, you’re missing out on some of the pretty incredible perks that come with your membership card. In addition to food and products, Costco also sells incredible kitchen appliances, essential home appliances and must-have technology, like laptops and computers. And during Black Friday and the holiday season they also offer great deals at already low prices. Ready to shop?

7;s Black Friday What is this year’s sales?

Starting November 5, Costco will be offering weekly discounts (both in-store and online!) On all your vacation deals. You can expect really Murder sales start the day after Thanksgiving. Below is a small breakdown of discounts to help you plan your shopping trip.

  • From October 28 to November 22: The warehouse is having a “Member-only Savings Events “with discounts on everything from groceries to tech – with free shipping. However, there is a limit of three discounted items per sale. purchase, so choose wisely.
  • November 26 to November 30: Official Costco Black Friday discounts start online at Thanksgiving and continue to Electronic Monday. One note: Costco stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, November 26 – although their deals and offers will still be available online. For now, however, Costco stores will open IRL the next day for Black Friday.

    Costco Black Friday Discount Shopping

    So here’s the thing: Costco has yet to announce their Black Friday deals. But as soon as we know, we’ll let you know. Bookmark this page and come back close to the date to find the best sales.

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