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Cosmetic surgery is not a cosmetic procedure, tax court rules

Dr. Mohit Bhandari, a specialist surgeon from Indore, has appealed against service tax impose on him, say pathology Is one life-saving procedures.

The larger panel of the Court of Appeals for Customs Tax and Service Tax (CESTAT), Delhi, on Wednesday ruled that a service tax cannot be levied on episiotomy as it is a procedure. save lives, not aesthetics. The court declared that weight loss surgery is for people with health problems like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and coronary artery disease, which stem from their excessive weight, and others. with weight loss procedures like liposuction.

Order has been passed after Dr. Mohit Bhandari, a specialist surgeon who runs the Mohak Hitech Specialty Hospital in Indore, moved the court in 201

5 against the service tax levied on him under the Finance Act. Dr. Bhandari is one of 15 specialist surgeons, including several from Mumbai, who have filed an appeal with the courts in Delhi and Mumbai for their service tax concessions.

As part of his appeal, Dr. Bhandari presented various studies done in India and abroad showing that plastic surgery and weight loss surgery are two different procedures. A study done in Cleveland found that weight loss surgery helped resolve type 2 diabetes in 95% of patients, obstructive sleep apnea in 98%, joint pain in 80% and dyslipidemia in 96%.

He told Mirror, “Obesity is a disease. We have the lives of so many patients changed after they underwent mastectomy. In addition to weight loss, many of their comorbidities associated with obesity also disappeared. This suggests that genital surgery is used to treat obesity and medical related ailments, and is not cosmetic surgery. People who go through this process suffer from life-threatening illnesses. Many people can’t even walk. Most of these patients also have other problems associated with obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, dyslipidemia and obstructive sleep apnea.

(L) Dr. Mohit Bhandari;  Eman Ahmed, Egyptian national and the world's heaviest woman, underwent weight loss surgery in Mumbai in April 2017. She passed away in Abu Dhabi that September.

(L) Dr. Mohit Bhandari; Eman Ahmed, an Egyptian national and the world’s heaviest woman, underwent liposuction surgery in Mumbai in April 2017. She died in Abu Dhabi that September.

He added, “A person chosen for this surgery must also have a body mass index above 32.5 with comorbidities. The surgery was performed under the guidelines of the Asia Pacific Chapter of the International Federation of Obesity Surgery and Metabolic Disorders, endorsed by the Indian Association of Obesity Surgery. I don’t pay service tax because I’m saving my patients’ lives.

The trial panel found that tomography is a procedure through which a patient’s ability to eat is limited, leading to weight loss to control obesity-related diseases. It was also observed that other weight loss processes like liposuction only involve removing excess fat from specific target areas to improve body shape.

“Hence, the appellant argued that orthopedic surgery could be clearly distinguished from plastic or cosmetic surgery because it is aimed at reducing the weight of an overweight person and, therefore, treatment and prevention. prevent various diseases … during plastic or cosmetic surgery is aimed at improving the appearance and appearance of the body, ”said the bench.

It added, “The purpose of surgery is not to improve a person’s appearance but to treat the cause of the disease. Specialized surgeries are performed by the appellant as life-saving surgeries and as a treatment and treatment for life-threatening illnesses. These health services are the same in nature, not subject to tax under the Finance Act, both before and after 1 July 2012. ”

What does the new normal look like

Masks, visors, screens

Coronavirus is still very much here. But cities and countries have either begun to ‘unlock’ or attempt to continue and reopen locations and activities that have been hit hard by the Covid19 pandemic. On September 14, children going to school in Italy, Portugal and some schools in Zimbabwe went back to school for the first time since March 2020. In other countries such as Germany, Vietnam, Serbian schools have reopened earlier, but teachers and authorities are keeping a close watch. Eating out also looks different. PPE kits are a new ordinary thing for haircuts. In urban areas, every other seat is crossed out and the wedding will take place virtual. In this photo, we give us a glimpse of how the world has found its own ways to define the ‘new normal state’ as nations try to recover from the onslaught of countries caused by the coronavirus to attack people and the economy. Chethan Shivakumar / BCCL’s photo

25 MP tests positive for coronavirus

At least 25 congressmen have found positive results in mandatory tests conducted before the start of the 18-day National Assembly session. The photo, taken in Lok Sabha shows what’s new in Parliament. Parliamentarians are wearing masks, face masks and curtains to separate seats in the House. Photo: ANI

Away from society in Kolkata Metro

All other seats must be vacant in the metro and marked with a cross. This photo was taken inside the Kolkata subway. Kaushik Roy / BCCL’s photo

New way to say ‘I do’

Wedding guest Christian Wilmot was live streaming as Gary Cheng and Sakiko Honda spoke their vows. They got married on July 4 at Marylebone Old Town Hall in London, England. Wedding venues had been closed for many months earlier in the UK. Photo: Getty Images

London wedding

So what if all of their friends can’t join. They stream the wedding so their friends can still catch them swearing and virtually participate in the celebration. Among the many changes to our ‘new normal’, the wedding has also become virtual. Initially, wedding venues were closed in Britain for three months. Photo: Getty Images

School reopened in Zimbabwe

A student is given a temperature test at the entrance of a private school in Harare, on Monday, September 14, 2020. Schools in Zimbabwe reopened for testing classes after nearly six months of closure. doorstep by the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo AP

Italy: School reopens after 6 months

The ‘Acquedotti’ elementary school reopened on Monday, with four of the school’s classrooms moved to a parish to increase space and ensure social distance among students. This is the first major step in Italy to normalize after schools shut down in March because the coronavirus actually literally caused the country to literally shut down. For six months, schools were shut down as Italy’s healthcare system struggled with the deadly virus. In this photo, a teacher greets students at San Policarpo parish when Italian schools reopen, in Rome on September 14, 2020. Photo AP / Alessandra Tarantino

Away from society in Serbian Schools

Students study physical training on the first day of the new school year September 1, 2020 in Jagnjilo, Serbia. Serbia started shutting down in March and eased restrictions in May amid public discontent over its detention and despite warnings from doctors, it is still too early. Photo: Getty Images

Can you guess what this is?

Don’t let gray blur your imagination. These are lines of out-of-society customers waiting in line to enter the Ikea store in Warrington, UK on June 1, 2020. The store opening has seen massive numbers of people line up and traffic. on the neighboring streets when it reopened after the pandemic the order closed. The furniture and home appliance chain reopened stores across the UK and Northern Ireland with some restrictions, keeping their restaurants closed and asking customers to shop alone. Photo: Getty Images

Vietnam allows domestic tourists to travel

Vietnamese tourists take a photo on a boat tour of Ha Long Bay, after the Vietnamese government loosened the closure following an outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), on May 31, 2020 in Ha Long, province Quang Ninh, Vietnam. Although some restrictions still apply, Vietnam has lifted its ban on domestic travel, some entertainment and business establishments that are not essential to reviving its economy. Photo: Getty Images

The Temple of Bengaluru is ready

Boxes for creating social distance, disinfecting and spraying disinfectants on the deities of the gods were in full swing on September 12 at the Kailasa Vykunta Mahakshetra temple in Rajajinagar in the hope that relaxation will be granted by the Government. State announced to open the temple to devotees. Anantha Subramanyam K / MMCL’s photo

The temples began to prepare for the new normal

Boxes for creating social distance, disinfecting and spraying disinfectants on the deities of the gods were in full swing on September 12 at the Kailasa Vykunta Mahakshetra temple in Rajajinagar in the hope that relaxation will be granted by the Government. State announced to open the temple to devotees. Anantha Subramanyam K / MMCL’s photo

Open-air Berlin theater

Tourists watch movies at a sold-out outdoor cinema on June 5, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. As part of easing measures, concerts, movie theaters and other outdoor events are allowed from June 2 in the German capital, with up to 200 people. Closing measures have largely been loosened nationwide, with shops, restaurants and cafes reopening, albeit under certain restrictions to keep people from gathering. Photo: Getty Images

Do not contact to order at restaurants in Delhi

Contactless ordering would be the new normal. Several restaurants are ready to order without contact, where customers can use their smartphones to scan menus, use QR codes to order and pay – all guaranteed that have minimal interaction with anyone outside of the diners they have visited the restaurant with. Anindya Chattopadhyay / BCCL’s photo

Tenny Sandren in Italy

US Tennys Sandgren wears a mask as he waits for the coin to launch ahead of the qualifying match against Portugal’s Joao Sousa on Internazionali BNL D’Italia’s first day at Foro Italico on September 14, 2020 in Rome , Italy. Photo: Getty Images

Open a restaurant in Chile

A waiter armed with protective masks, face shields and disposable gloves serves guests at the reopening of a restaurant in Santiago, Chile, on September 2, 2020. Ministry of Health Chile has allowed the reopening of restaurants serving outdoor dining options and the reopening of other non-essential businesses in several areas of the Chilean capital. Photo AP

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