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Control’s Ultimate Edition includes a free upgrade to Series X and PS5 ports

ControlThe second Expansion is expected to be released soon, and the game will receive a Final Commemoration Edition. The Ultimate edition will come with all the updates and content for the game to date, including both expansions, and it will also be on sale on Steam, the first for this game. But it will also include a bonus.

Anyone buying Control Ultimate Edition will be upgraded for free to the next generation version of the game when it launches later this year. According to the Control website, the free copy of the game will be a “digital upgrade” to the next generation version for players who buy Ultimate Edition on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Players that already own the original version of the game will not be eligible for the free upgrade.

This is important given the release date of each version of the game, shown below:

  • August 27 Steam
  • Epic game store September 10, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One (digital)
  • Late 2020 PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (physical version)
  • Late 2020 PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (digital)
  • Early 2021 PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (physical)

Anyone who wants to play the game on the latest console, but is not afraid to start with the current generation release on September 10, can choose the game if they know that they will also receive an upgrade. . We reached out to Remedy and 505 Games to ask if players could switch from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 or Xbox One to Xbox Series X, or if the upgrade will be available on consoles if you just PlayStation 4 and will pick up Xbox Series X and we’ll update the post if we get a response.

The Ultimate version comes with the full base game; ControlThe Foundation’s first expansion pack; the Alan Wake– second extension by topic, AWE; as well as the Adventure game end mode, Photo Mode, and all other content updates have been released since the game’s launch in August 2019.

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