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Check out the truth: Interjected by the shooting, Trump continued to film the false story surrounding mail voting and the coronavirus

Trump made a false statement in the opening minutes of the meeting, incorrectly saying that it is easy for foreigners to interfere with mail-based voting. After he was taken out of the room by a shooting incident near the White House, he returned to do another series.

Trump has said at least 12 false statements in total. That number will probably increase as we delve into the transcript.

Trump said China wanted him to lose the election, then added, “You know who else is not satisfied with our victory? Russia.”

The first event: The US intelligence community said the opposite of Russia. The intelligence community̵
7;s top election official, one appointed by Trump, announced in one
declare Last week that Russia was actively working to hurt Trump’s rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.

William R. Evanina, director of the Center for Counter-espionage and National Security, said: “We assess that Russia is using a series of measures to defame former Vice President Biden and what it considers to be. anti-Russian base “. .

The US intelligence community also noticed that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to help Trump; Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and bipartisan reports from the Senate Intelligence Committee have reached similar conclusions.
And Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed in 2018 that he wants Trump to win in 2016.

Evanina’s statement last week said that China “likes” Trump loses in 2020, as China sees him as “unpredictable”. However, it does not say that China is actively working to defeat Trump just as Russia is actively working to defeat Biden.

Application to vote in Virginia

Trump once again sought to discredit voting by mail by referencing reports that half a million unsolicited absentee ballot requests contained inaccurate information were obtained by a third party organization. sent to Virginia voters.

“This is an unprecedented mailing case, raising concerns about the integrity of expanding mail and mail voting efforts,” Trump said, calling it “a carpet. painting all over Virginia ”.

The first event: It is true that about half a million absentee ballot applications have been sent to Virginia voters containing incorrect information about the local electoral office’s return address. What Trump did not mention was that ballot applications were submitted by a third-party organization, or the Election Department rejected the parcel.

An organization called the Voter Information Center recently sent about half a million absentee ballot applications to Virginia voters, many of which contained inaccurate information.

The Voter Information Center released a statement on Thursday admitting that “about half a million registrations sent to qualified Virginia voters included inaccurate information,” blaming “Mistakes in our programming.” The group added that “we know voters are on high alert as the November election approaches and we regret to have added any confusion.”
The Virginia Elections also made it clear in a statement that it did not involve the senders of the mail. “The Voter Information Center recently submitted absentee ballot applications to Virginia residents. The Virginia Elections is not affiliated with this group or coordinating with any third party groups on their efforts. advocacy, “the agency wrote.

In its statement, the agency also said, “Any application that arrives at the wrong local office will be immediately forwarded to the correct office for processing.”

The pandemic ‘1917’ and World War II

Trump said, as he had repeatedly in the past, that it was the worst pandemic since “1917” – then added that the “1917” pandemic could have ended World War II. “.

The first event: An influenza pandemic is known to have caused it tens of millions deaths worldwide in 1918 and 1919, not 1917; already has some research it was found that the pandemic was circulating in 1917, but it caused great devastation over the next two years. Regardless, this pandemic clearly did not end the “Second World War,” which occurred between 1939 and 1945; it I was sick in my senior year of World War I.

Trump also repeated some of the false claims he made many times before. Here’s a quick look at the events:

Foreign and mail ballots

Trump stated that the vote by mail was “something that could easily be attacked by a foreign country.”

The first event: Experts say that the ballot security measures and the distinct nature of the votes of each jurisdiction – they use different paper, have different candidates listed, use encryption Various privacy – get it extremely difficult for foreign intervention.

The Trump administration’s intelligence officials have also denied the possibility that foreign powers could intervene on a large scale to produce and send fake ballots to voters and electoral agencies.

Democrats and elections

After being asked about the intelligence assessment that Russia is meddling in the election, Trump insisted, “I will tell you who is interfering in our election: Democrats are interfering. By wants and insists on sending ballots by mail, where corruption is everywhere. ”

The first event: This is nonsense. Democrats don’t do anything nefarious by trying to get more people to vote from home during a pandemic.
CNN has repeatedly fact-checked Trump’s false claims about mail voting. You can read more here.

A preliminary meeting of the New York parliament

Trump claimed there were thousands of “missing” and “fraudulent” votes in the Democratic primary election in New York won by Rep. Carolyn Maloney.

The first event: Had there is no evidence Voter fraud so far in New York’s primary elections, much less the common type of voter fraud that Trump has misstated as a common feature of mail voting in general and in This particular race.

Instead, New York’s vote count was slow as the state ran into administrative problems – from not enough employees to outdated technology – when trying to tally a much larger number of absentee ballots. normal. There is a legal dispute over some of the votes that were void because of issues like missing or late postmarks and missing signatures, but there is no evidence that these issues are related to fraud.

Tested in India

After bragging that the US has conducted nearly 65 million tests, Trump again claimed that India has only conducted 11 million coronavirus tests.
The first event: India has conducted more than 24 million tests, according to the Indian newspaper media. India through 20 million milestone than a week ago.

China and the virus

Trump said China allowed the virus to spread to other countries, but not within China.

The first event: Although China has taken strict measures to try to stop the virus in its borders, but incorrect that the virus did not spread to other regions of China other than Wuhan, where it originated. By the end of January, every region of China had confirmed cases. In May, a cluster of new cases in the northeast of China, more than a thousand miles from Wuhan, prompted the country to impose such lockdown measures. There have also been hundreds of confirmed cases in Beijing.

Tariffs on China

Proud of his tariffs on China, Trump claims that no one has received “10 cents” from China before.

The first event: This is comprehensive incorrect. Study after study has shown that Americans, not China, have to pay tariff costs. In addition, the US has imposed tariffs on China for more than two centuries, generating billions of dollars a year under Obama. And China buys tens of billions of US products every year.

Trials and cases

Trump argued that multiple coronavirus tests resulted in more cases.

The first event: Experiment do not create instances, merely showing them and the tests as an anti-pandemic tool will help reduce cases.

Ventilator stockpile

Trump once again suggested that the US had no pre-pandemic ventilator stockpiles.

The first event: In March 2020, yes 16,660 ventilatorss available in national reserves for immediate use, according to a spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services. There were also 2,425 more ventilators under maintenance at the time, bringing the total to 19,085. “Overall, before March of this year, (stockpile) had stockpiled about 19,000 ventilators in stock for many years,” said an HHS spokesperson, “and the numbers fluctuate on any given day. it depends on the number of ventilators in the schedule.

Personal mission and Obamacare

Trump stated that when he removed the personal mission of Obamacare, which required everyone to have health insurance, he “actually ended Obamacare, as it would be officially known, because of the personal assignment. is the biggest part. “

The first event: Personal duties are really an important part of Obamacare – but Trump not finish Obamacare when he removed it in his 2017 tax law; The main elements of the law remain. These include Obamacare expanding its Medicaid coverage for low-income people, protecting people with pre-existing medical conditions, the state and federal marketplace allowing people to shop within coverage and Consumer subsidies help many of them make purchases.

Obama and spies

Trump said, “Well, look, the Obama campaign followed our campaign, and they got caught, okay?” He added, “Maybe it was treason. It was a terrible thing they did. … They used our country’s intelligence agencies to monitor my campaign, and they were. was arrested.”

The first event: This is comprehensive Mistake. President Barack Obama did not execute a “campaign” in 2016, when the FBI investigated the Trump campaign’s relationship with Russia; there is no evidence that Obama personally directed the FBI to survey people during the Trump campaign; nothing in relation to the Russian investigation almost meets the constitutional definition of treason.
Additionally, FBI Director Christopher Wray, who was appointed by Trump, has said that he will not use the word “spy” to describe what he calls “surveillance operations”. But that is more subjective.

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