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Check out the facts: Georgia’s military votes were not missing

Around 12:30 p.m. ET on Friday, the President suggested that something nefarious was going on in Georgia, where Biden led about 1,500 votes by Friday afternoon. The implication in Trump’s tweet was that “missing” military votes could be a contributing factor to Biden’s leadership in the state.

“Where are the missing military votes in Georgia? What happened to them?” Trump tweeted.

The first event: It is a mistake to assume that there are missing military votes. While military votes have been issued but have not yet been tally counted, there is no evidence that they have been “missing”

;. Or that anything out of the ordinary happened to them. It is likely that they are in the process of being transferred back to Georgia from abroad, as a normal procedure.

According to Gabriel Sterling, director of the implementation of the voting system for Georgia’s secretary of state, about 18,000 military votes had been sent in and as of Friday afternoon. Under Georgia law, the remaining 8,410 military and foreign votes that have been issued can still be counted if they arrive near work today and are postmarked before Election Day.

“That doesn’t mean 8,410 votes were counted,” Sterling said. “It will be greater than 0 and less than 8,410.”

It’s worth noting that just because someone requested a ballot doesn’t mean they sent it and resubmitted it. The military ballots function like the ballot papers for all other US citizens abroad. National troops usually not stationed in their homeland also qualify.

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