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The rise and fall of COVID-19 – which experts have warned for months of the possibility – appears to have taken full effect, as the United States first passed 100,000 new cases daily into Wednesday.

That staggering figure comes in less than a week after surpassing more than 9 million confirmed cases, more than any other country.

It also happened two days after Americans went to vote to vote for president, even though the virus was not on the minds of most voters: only 1 in 6 voters said pandemic was most important for the their votes. Follow election news here.

Cases are on the rise in the United States and globally, as many other countries tighten restrictions and some prepare for more closeout. According to a US TODAY analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University, the last 1,000,000 confirmed coronavirus infections worldwide were reported in less than 36 hours – a rate of 7.8 schools. per second.

Here’s what to know today:

  • The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits for the first time fell slightly last week to 751,000, a high still in history that shows many employers continue to cut jobs as the pandemic intensifies.
  • China is suspending entry for most foreign passport holders residing in the UK, in response to an increase in new coronavirus infections in the UK.
  • The Prime Minister of Denmark said Wednesday that the government wants to slaughter all 15 million weasels on Danish farms, to minimize the risk of them re-transmitting the new coronavirus to humans.
  • As the pandemic broke out across the country, the NFL and college football continued to feel its impact. Another NFL midfielder was sidelined and another ACC game was postponed.

📈 Today’s number: The United States reported over 9.4 million cases and more than 233,700 death, according to Johns Hopkins University data. Global total: more than 48 million cases and 1.22 millions of people died.

🗺️ Coronavirus mapping: Track US outbreaks in your state.

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Ohio Governor wished Trump a ‘happier relationship with the masks’

Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine told NPR on Wednesday he wished President Donald Trump had a “happier relationship with the masks.”

The Ohio Department of Health reported 4,071 new coronavirus infections in the state on Wednesday. It was the second day in a row the state reported more than 4,000 new cases after its one-day record of 4,229 reported on Tuesday.

“Well, I definitely wish the president had a happier relationship with the masks. You know, we know more today than we did in March. Now we know that the This mask is really effective, “DeWine told NPR.

He stressed that the current spread of the virus is happening because people do not wear masks around friends and family.

“You know, if Ohio people understand that they can’t let go, I think that perception really makes a difference because it’s the individual decisions made, the personal responsibility,” DeWine said. to speak.

– Sarah Brookbank, Cincinnati Enquirer

Another 751 thousand Americans filed for unemployment last week when the virus deepened the economic pain

The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits for the first time fell slightly last week to 751,000, a historic high that shows many employers continue to cut jobs as the pandemic intensifies.

The proliferation of virus cases and Congressional failure to provide more aid to struggling individuals and businesses threaten to deepen the economic pain of Americans. Before the virus hit in March, the weekly figure remained below 300,000 for more than five years in a row.

The Labor Department report on Thursday said the number of people continuing to receive traditional unemployment benefits fell to 7.3 million. That figure shows that some unemployed people are being recalled to their old jobs or looking for new jobs.

But it also turns out that many unemployed Americans have used up the state’s unemployment benefits – which typically expire after six months – and have switched to a federal extended benefit program that extends for an additional 13 weeks.

The United States reports more than 100 thousand cases a day, breaking the volume record a day

Wednesday’s record number for one day was 102,831 which was the first US daily total to break 100,000. It means on average more than 70 Americans report positively every minute.

During the seven-day period ending on Wednesday, the US reported 629,012 new cases, which is also a record, according to USA TODAY’s analysis of Johns Hopkins data through the end of Wednesday. Nearly half of the states set a record for the number of new cases in a seven-day period and five states had a record number of deaths in a week.

“Seasonal increases have been predicted for months,” Dennis Carroll, the pandemic unit leader at the federal Agency for International Development for nearly 15 years, told USA TODAY. “Since we’re not better prepared than spring, it means the massive shutdowns and shutdowns we’re seeing in Europe are inevitable.”

– Mike Stucka and John Bacon


R-0 is possibly the most important scientific term you will ever hear when it comes to preventing pandemic coronavirus.


Woman infected with coronavirus for 70 days without symptoms: Case study

A woman infected with COVID-19 killed the contagious virus for 70 days without any symptoms, according to a case study published Wednesday in the peer-reviewed journal Cell.

The patient suffers from leukemia and hypoglycemia, a condition that results in less antibodies, leaving her immunodeficient and more susceptible to infections.

According to the report, the infectious virus remained in the woman’s upper respiratory tract for up to 70 days and viral RNA was observed for 150 days after initial diagnosis.

Researchers conclude that some immunocompromised patients may be able to infect the virus for a longer time than previously realized. The woman was treated with nourishing plasma twice before the infection went away.

New Jersey began releasing prisoners who survived the COVID-19 infestation in prisons

Thousands of people left New Jersey state prisons and stayed home on Wednesday under the concession law for prisoners who were serving sentences during the coronavirus pandemic.

State officials said 2,261 prisoners were released throughout the day, marking a 15% one-day drop in state prisons.

The severe drop was the lawmakers’ response to the coronavirus destruction in New Jersey prisons. The death rate in Garden State prisons is among the highest in the nation, according to the nonprofit criminal justice editor The Marshall Project.

– Stacey Barchenger, the Trenton Department

Denmark wants to slaughter 15 million weasels for fear of coronavirus

The Danish Prime Minister said on Wednesday the government wants to destroy all 15 million weasels on Danish farms, to minimize the risk of them re-transmitting the new coronavirus to humans.

Mette Frederiksen said a report from the government agency mapping the coronavirus in Denmark indicated a mutation in the virus found in 12 people in the northern part of the country infected with mink. Health Minister Magnus Heunicke said half of the 783 human COVID-19 infections in northern Denmark were “related” to weasels.

“It’s very, very serious,” says Frederiksen. “Therefore, the mink virus mutation could have devastating consequences around the world.”

Denmark is one of the world’s major mink fur exporters, producing an estimated 17 million furs per year. Kopenhagen Fur, a cooperative of 1,500 Danish breeders, accounts for 40% of global mink production. Most of its exports go to China and Hong Kong.

China prohibits entry for residents from the UK as cases increase in the UK

China is suspending entry for most foreign passport holders residing in the UK, in response to an increase in new coronavirus infections in the UK.

The suspensions include those with a visa or residence permit issued before 3 November, except diplomats and a few others. Foreign nationals who want to visit China for urgent needs can apply for a visa in special cases.

The Chinese embassy in London said the suspension would be “judged appropriate to the developing situation and any adjustments would be announced accordingly.”

China has largely stopped the spread of coronavirus in the country but continues to report import cases, including another 20 reported Thursday. The Chinese officials require all those who come to China to go through two weeks of quarantine.

Two viable COVID-19 vaccines could be ready by December, the scientists said

The chairman of the UK coronavirus vaccine task force said data evaluating the efficacy and safety of the two most advanced candidates will be available in early December.

Kate Bingham told a congressional committee on Wednesday that data on two vaccine candidates – developed by the Universities of Oxford and AstraZeneca, and Pfizer and BioNTech – will be available at that time. After that, vaccine candidates will need regulatory approval, Bingham said.

“If we get there, we have the ability to roll out by the end of the year,” she said.

Oxford Vaccine Trial chief investigator Andrew Pollard said results from the end-stage trials could be presented at the time, Reuters reported. The National Health Service in the UK is preparing to begin distributing a viable vaccine before Christmas, in case one will be ready by then.

The Louisville-Virginia College football match is postponed

Louisville’s football match against Virginia on Saturday was postponed.

Cardinals, who was absent nine players from their match against Virginia Tech last week due to coronavirus problems, will not play against the Cavaliers this weekend. Instead, the game will be carried over on November 14, replacing the originally scheduled goodbye week for Cardinals.

Louisville Sports Director Vince Tyra said the football program is dealing with 15 cases of COVID-19 with seven more people in quarantine, a total of 22 virus-related problems. Ten players have COVID-19, with five others on quarantine. The group’s support staff had five tests positive, and two more under quarantine. None of the coaching staff members were found to be positive or quarantined, Tyra said.

– Cameron Teague Robinson, Louisville Courier Magazine

NFL QB Matthew Stafford returns to list of COVID-19

Matthew Stafford is back on the bench / COVID-19, and this time staying could cost him at least one start. Detroit Lions put the starting midfielder on the list for the second time this season on Wednesday.

Stafford was first on the list on August 1, when Lions reported on the training camp, but returned three days later with what the team thought were false positives.

The Lions on Wednesday declined to say whether he tested positive for the virus or whether he was in quarantine after close contact with an already infected person.

It’s not clear if Stafford will be released in time to play Sunday’s match against Minnesota Vikings.

– Dave Birkett, Detroit Free Press

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