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CarPlay is disabled on iPhone 12, and the fix is ​​pretty weird

Apple announced the iPhone 12 series with much fanfare a month later than its usual release schedule and now the first devices are being shipped to customers around the world.

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are already available in stores, while the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max will hit shelves in just a week.

But customers who first received an iPhone 12 Pro discovered that CarPlay, a feature that would work quite the same regardless of phone model, no longer worked on their vehicle.

And it’s all due to an unspecified issue that seems to be happening especially with the Pro model, at least based on a few reports that have appeared recently. It is worth emphasizing that it is difficult to determine the prevalence of this error currently, as the iPhone 1

2 and iPhone 12 Pro are still in their early days on the market and not many people pick up their device and try try to run CarPlay.

But according to a series of reports, CarPlay appears to be disabled, even though the device actually connects to the head device and charges normally. CarPlay is already activated on the phone, so theoretically, there’s no reason for the car interface not to show up.

As with most problems encountered in the CarPlay world, there’s a good chance this new issue goes wrong. The iPhone 12 now comes with a USB-C to Lightning cable, so you’ll need to switch to another USB-A to Lightning cable to run CarPlay.

And this is what can cause all of these troubles, although some say that not even using Apple’s official USB-A to Lightning cable can do it. Oddly enough, the random cables seem to work well with the iPhone 12 Pro, so the fix pretty much involves trying out multiple wires and seeing which allows you to run CarPlay.

Obviously, unless your car has a USB-C interface to run CarPlay, you need to switch to a standard USB-A to Lightning cable even with an iPhone 12.

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