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Call Of Duty 2020 seems to be teased in the Warzone of Modern Warfare

With the coronavirus raging and a great live game rolling out, it looks like Activision will roll out trailers for its next Call of Duty game in the structure of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. and Warzone. Now it looks like that’s happening, as a mysterious new message introduced in Season 5 looks like something other than Black Ops. We can most likely go back to the mysterious Cold War games we saw a decade ago. Numbers, Mason! What do they mean?

Players randomly get a fuzzy, glitched message saying “Know your history”. GameSpot confirmed the notification during the Warzone session, but it came out so quickly you could easily miss it. Another part of the malfunctioning message seemed to show a message in Russian.

No subtitles provided
No subtitles provided

The historical allusion could be a reference to Black Ops: The rumored Cold War. That will put it in historical context, and Black Ops is known for its mind-bending plot elements revolving around false memories and other gentle sci-fi elements.

Meanwhile, Call of Duty fan Charlie Intel has received a bundle with a note not opening it until August 10. That could give us some indication of when to expect an announcement. official.

Reports that the new Call of Duty will be a Black Ops game that has been circulating for quite some time, but without this year’s E3, Activision has been quiet about its plans longer than usual. That will likely change soon.

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