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Black Friday early offers on Amazon Echo devices: $ 45 Show 5, $ 19 Echo Dot and more

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On paper, Black Friday is November 27, the day after Thanksgiving. But most of the biggest retailers are coming up with “Black Friday” offers that run through November. Walmart’s big sale has just begunFor example, and Amazon is still offering massive discounts on its own devices, rivaling last month̵

7;s Prime Day sale.

Will any of these products get more discounts on Black Friday? Doubt. A lot of these deals match the all-time low offered on Official Day. Note, however, that many of them are not available for delivery in two to three weeks.

Also note: Amazon has yet to initiate a discount on New products were announced last monthsuch as the Echo Show 10, the fourth generation Echo Dot, and the Eero 6 mesh router. We fully expect those items to be offered at some point; We’re just not sure when.

Don’t see anything you want here? Don’t worry – more than that Black Friday and Electronic Monday sales are coming.

At this price point, the Echo Buds are significantly cheaper than Apple’s stock AirPods, which are not sweat resistant and don’t offer any sort of noise resistance. You get both of those features here and more, including built-in Alexa. Read our Echo Buds review.

Tyler Lizenby / CNET

If you want a screen for video chat, watching Netflix or just for use as a smart alarm clock, then Show 5 – Amazon’s smallest smart display – is a great little gadget. Last year, on Prime Day, the Echo Show 5 bottomed out at $ 50. This year, it drops to $ 45.

Note that Amazon is currently displaying a delivery date as November 16, so be prepared to wait. Read our Echo Show 5 review.

Chris Monroe / CNET

The Echo Show 8 is simply a larger version of the Echo Show 5, but that makes it a better candidate for kitchens and other places where you might prefer a larger screen. (It’s definitely better suited for video calls.) This is also the lowest priced Prime Day match on record.

Note that Amazon shows the stock date as November 20, so head over to Best Buy if you want to pick up the item right away. Read our Echo Show 8 review.

Tyler Lizenby / CNET

The Amazon Echo Auto is a smart little device that connects Alexa to your car, allowing the voice assistant to speak and play music through your stereo system. With a $ 30 discount, it’s a solid deal for anyone looking to improve their voice-out-equipped car.

Tyler Lizenby / CNET

Amazon’s entry-level smart speaker drops to $ 19, the low as these tend to continue. Just be aware that this isn’t the new 2020 spherical model – this one hasn’t even been released yet.

Unfortunately, Amazon will show up 3 to 6 months (!) Before Dot becomes available. You can buy it for the same price from Best Buy and it’s in stock.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Usually this Ring doorbell costs $ 230 and the Echo Show 5 smart screen costs $ 90. But right now this bundle costs only $ 170, which is an affordable way to start a smart home. You’re basically saving $ 50 on a doorbell and getting an Echo for just $ 10 extra.

Note that Amazon shows the available date as November 10. Don’t want to wait? As with many other deals, Best Buy is matching this deal. Read our Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus review.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Amazon’s Echo Flex is a smart little gadget that adds Alexa to its modular smart plug design. The plug itself can attach a variety of accessories, such as an LED meter, motion sensor or night light. To get this little device, plus all the Alexa smart devices, for just $ 10, is a solid deal.


If you still watch live TV over the network, you can record shows and watch them at any time with Fire TV Recast DVR. This version has a 500GB hard drive (full version 1TB is also available) with two tuners, so you can record two programs at the same time.

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This article was previously published as part of our Prime Day 2020 coverage. It has been updated to reflect the latest prices and deals.

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