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Birx called for ‘active action’ against covid, while Trump denied the threat

Birx’s internal reports, shared with top White House and agency officials, contradicted Trump on several points: While the president hosted major campaign events with hundreds in attendance, most were not wearing masks, she clearly warned against them. While the president blamed increased cases for more testing, she said testing is “flat or down” in many areas where cases are on the rise. And while Trump says the country is “going around,” Birx notes that the country is entering its most dangerous period and will see more than 100,000 new cases every day this week.

Through a spokesperson, Birx did not respond to a request for comment.

Other medical experts, including Anthony S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, warned of a record rise in cases and hospitalizations as the United States recorded more than 9 million. and 230,000 deaths. Fauci told The Washington Post late on Friday, predicting a long and potentially deadly winter unless there is a “sudden change”

; – prompting Trump to suggest he plan to fire the scientist later. election.

But Birx’s daily reports go even further, revealing the level of direct conflict of internal administration reports with Trump’s public statements reducing the severity of the threat and that few people are dying. They also voiced the growing despair of health officials to point out the dangers of a pandemic that is expected to kill thousands more as the weather worsens unless people change. their behavior.

According to an administration official who worked with Birx and said on condition of anonymity to share sensitive information. “She felt like she was being ignored,” said the official.

Birx’s message “has been urgent for weeks,” another administration official said, “as well as a plea to the government to ask Americans to use masks, to avoid gathering and distance from society, about basically because we are clearly entering a third of the surge. “

The report hit hard on the worsening situation: “Cases are growing rapidly in nearly 30 percent of all counties in the United States, the highest county hotspot we’ve ever seen with this pandemic. , ”It said. “Half of the US is in the red or orange zone for cases despite a flat or declining test.”

Hearing a topic similar to previous reports, it called for “much more aggressive action from texting, to checking, to strengthening staffing across the country before the crisis”.

The report said “what is needed at the moment is“ consistent message about using a masked uniform, keeping distance and hand-washing with profound restrictions on indoor gatherings, especially with family and friends ”.

It added: “This is about empowerment [sic] Americans have the knowledge and data to make decisions to stop the spread of the community and save lives. “

The President does not seem convinced by such messages, convinced by new medical advisor Scott Atlas, a neuroscientist with no experience in infectious diseases, that allows healthy people to return Daily activities without being restricted will boost the herd’s immunity and boost the economy, some advisers say. on the condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak in public.

Trump plans to hold a large indoor meeting for 300 to 400 guests at the White House on Tuesday to follow the election back, just weeks after a White House event announces the Court candidates His Supreme Amy Coney Barrett became a more famous event of all.

White House communications director Alyssa Farah rejected the report’s proposal that the administration’s response was inconsistent with the crisis. She said the White House has “significantly increased” America’s national stockpiles to ensure it has enough personal protective equipment; purchased 150 million coronavirus tests and distributed them to the most vulnerable populations, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities and Native American tribal areas; and dispatching special teams to the states and nursing homes with the most cases.

In addition, she said, authorities continue to work to “safely treat sick people” and develop vaccines. “We are working around the clock to safely treat the virus and ultimately defeat it,” said Farah.

The Birx report is difficult to contradict Trump’s false claims that coronavirus infections are on the rise just because of an increase in trials. The Monday report noted that although the experiment was not stable, the growing number of trials was positive, indicating “the spread in the community is much worse than it is now. [measurements]. “

An earlier report, October 17, had the same theme: It cited an increase in daily hospital admissions, deaths and emergency room visits, and bluntly stated, “This is not because of the intensification of the experiment but the growing spread in the community ”.

The report added the following bold words: “The government should use this moment to require Americans to wear masks, away from gatherings in both public and private spaces.” On that day, Trump held two major rallies, according to his public schedule, one in Michigan and one in Wisconsin.

Officials describe Birx as frustrated with Atlas’ growing influence. She challenged his view during task force meetings, arguing that reopening society without any restrictions would lead to thousands of deaths.

In recent weeks, Birx has traveled around the country, traveling to dozens of viral hotspots, where she has appealed to local and state officials to ask for a mask, shut down bars and restaurants and Recommended to stay away.

Birx is said to be close to Vice President Pence, but he has been on the campaign trail in recent weeks, drawing his attention away from the coronavirus, according to a senior administration official on condition of hiding. name for sharing internal discussions.

Unlike Fauci, a highly regarded public servant whom Trump has criticized as a “Democrat,” Birx was chosen by the administration to direct the response and has been greatly praised by Trump in the past.

Fauci said in Friday’s interview that he and Birx had lost the president’s ears as Trump grew increasingly worried about a slumping economy and his prospects for re-election.

“They need to have a health message that is basically consistent with what they’re saying, and one of the ways to say, ‘The outbreak is over. [Mitigation strategies are] really irrelevant as it doesn’t make any difference. All you need to do is stop people from dying and protect people in places like nursing homes, ”said Fauci.

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